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« on: March 15, 2010, 06:33:09 »
SGP Guide: Team SGP Forum Posting Rules
v2.04 by ColdGlider

Team SGP is a unique community of individuals who take a scientific approach to gaming.   We form theories, test them, and report the results.  When you get your information from the SGP, you're getting the good stuff.

The first step of the SGP process is to get the scientific gaming community together in a forum to share ideas and organize a "project".  Team SGP projects are all about the community coming together to solve the mysteries of a particular game title.   Envision a city block containing multiple connected buildings.  We call our city block  This is the "forum" building, where most of our work is done.  Another big building on this block is our SGP Home Site where the public can freely enter and see prettier exhibitions of our work.  A smaller little building that we own on this block is the SGP Photo Gallery.  I've even heard rumors about an underground subway station.  Anyhow... see those people buzzing about the buildings like busy bees... making guides, reporting information, organizing projects?  That's us!  Team SGP!

To make this happen, our posting members need to follow rules.  Rules make sure that can be the quality resource you want to have at your disposal... and that people stay happy and (relatively) sane.

These are general rules for all Team SGP forums.

  • 1. Post your topic in the appropriate child board if there is one.  Descriptions of these appear below their names in the parent board.
  • 2. Use a descriptive subject so people can quickly tell what your post is about.  Assigning a "category" to your subject line can be helpful, such as "External Reference: Did Buck Just Quote from 'Star Wars'?")  Note that prefacing subject lines with "SGP" is no longer required..
  • 3. Try to be as clear and detailed as possible about your findings, theories, and reports.  Using common terminology (for instance, this list) helps.  Also see this guide to proof of findings.
  • 4. Keep it Clean!
  • 5. Try not to post too much in one day... especially if you just joined.  You're excited, we know- so are we!  Just try not to overpost.  There's plenty to read here if you're looking for a distraction!
  • 6. Be your own editor.  This includes: spell checking your posts, using complete sentences, and modifying your posts when errors are found.
  • 7. DO NOT use "lolcat" and/or "1337" speak in any SGP Forum board.  There is one exception:  this is allowed (and somewhat, slightly encouraged) in The Grunts' Pajamas.

Failure to observe these rules is grounds for public ridicule, temporary removal of your permission to post, and total banishment.  Maybe in that order, if you're lucky.

You may want to bookmark this link to the Team SGP forums for ease of use:

You got here through our home site, right?  No!  Well bookmark this link, too:

Registration for Team SGP membership has been reactivated as of 2010.09.01.  You are required to provided a valid email address.  An activation link will be sent to this address which you must follow in order for your account to be created.

Thanks for being part of Team SGP!
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