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Destiny Discussion / It's Here!!!
« on: September 09, 2014, 05:24:59 »
Destiny has landed!  My 360 is busy installing 5.51 GB from disc and has already downloaded "Compatibility Pack 1".

The next few days will be very interesting.  Judging by sporadic online availability of the Limited Editions and the long line at my local midnight launch, it seems initial sales figures won't be an issue.  How will the network hold up?  What will the public think of the final product?  Will any of our pre-release concerns be addressed?

My install is now at 97%... time to find out!

Hope to see you online!

Destiny Pre-Release Discussion / Re: New Destiny Avatar Collection
« on: August 02, 2014, 15:35:24 »
Hmmm... Maybe Enigma will drop by and make us some more little 8-Bit Buddies.

Night- if you would like to make us some more avatars, that would be great!  130x130 are the dimensions used on this forum.

I forgot to mention that mine were made from the recent Bungie post, Artists Reference Portal, here:

Destiny Pre-Release Discussion / New Destiny Avatar Collection
« on: August 01, 2014, 17:46:59 »
All members can now select from 7 new avatars in the "Destiny-ArtistRef" category.

Members of Team Vergil may unlock an eighth.


Code: [Select]

Report In! / Re: SGP: Secret detonator on CM:AS
« on: July 30, 2014, 19:01:53 »
Hey, Scatters!  You and I went down there not too long ago, if I recall correctly.  I don't remember if it was in FF or CM though.

I loaded up FF:AS last night and took a plunge down that NE shaft.  Played back in Theater and sure enough there was a green detonator just like the photo Nightcrafter provided.  There was an explosion, but it appeared to be just my grenades.  The detonator stayed in tact.

Destiny Pre-Release Discussion / Re: Destiny Link Farm
« on: September 21, 2013, 17:44:38 »
bump.  Added more links to official Bungie vids. Added dates.  More to do...

ODST General Discussion / Re: Ingame number/coding EE hint systems
« on: September 19, 2013, 16:06:50 »

I will limit my reporting to the complete facts of fully completed finds here from now on.

Thank you for your objective self-assessment!  It is crucial that "theories" are clearly separated from facts.  It is also important to separate the "what" from the "why".

In the context of searching for new "secrets" or "easter eggs", there is nothing more egregious than making factual statements that are not based in fact. 

For example: "Bride and groom are Spartans."  There is nothing supporting this.  It's a wedding album on Flickr.  At the very least, you need to qualify statements like this as your personal theories or postulations.  For example: "Perhaps the bride and groom represent spartans."  This little change in wording is the difference between stating something as a possibility and stating something as fact.  You really have to be careful when you state something as fact (i.e. this thing IS this other thing) because if you can't prove it, people may interpret that statement as a lie.  If you recast your statement as "I believe this thing may represent this other thing" then at least you are not "lying"- even if you are wrong!

Now I certainly don't feel that you are lying and I don't believe that you mean for your assessments to be interpreted as lies.  In my humble opinion, you just need to be a little more careful about how you present your ideas.  You seem to have a great enthusiasm for finding secrets, which is wonderful!  I just have a sinking feeling that you may be misdirecting that energy by not being more discerning about how you make connections.

For example:
I did a search for "ER" on Flickr and I got this bear.  If I am inclined to find a way to make this photo mean something to Halo fans, I might make these possible connections:
  • The brutes are (sometimes) furry humanoids.  The bear is a furry humanoid.  I think the bear represents a brute!
  • The bear is waving.  Your player in Destiny can wave to other players.  I think the bear is acknowledging other players!  Aka us!
  • The Epcot Center in the background is a big sphere.  The Traveler from Bungie's upcoming Destiny game is a big sphere.  I think the Epcot Center represents The Traveler!
  • The Epcot Center is not too far in the distance.  Destiny will be released in the not-too-distant future.  I think this is a reference to the impending release of Destiny!
From these "connections" I could conclude:   I believe the image represents Bungie calling on game players to say farewell to Halo as they move toward the future of Destiny!

Obviously, none of this is true.  Not only do I lack justifiable reasons for associating a furry bear costume with a brute, I lack any tangible result in Halo as a product of making these associations.  In other words:  It's Just A Bear. (IJAB!)

Likewise, I Googled "Atarigen" and found this gentleman playing the Super Mario Bros theme on piano.  Should I conclude that you are that gentleman?  Or did I just get this search result because the page contains a reference to the website ""

Occam's Razor will not always be true, but it's a great guideline.

When something unexplainable actually happens either in-game or in real life, we consider it a "phenomenon".  Scatcycle discovered such a phenomenon in ODST which we dubbed "Zombielites".  There were many theories bandied about regarding "what this meant".  We were hopeful that there might be some cool secret in ODST involving an Elite standing up and coming to life, perhaps being "repaired" by a Huragok.  We though there might be some merit to this, since there is apparently some code which is making these guys stand up.


To date, it's a cool little phenomenon that you can try and test yourself.  It's a proven phenomenon.  It may possibly be a "glitch".  By itself, it is not an "easter egg".  In my opinion, the first criteria for a phenomenon to be considered an easter egg is that it must be hidden.  Easy enough.   I posit that the second criteria for a phenomenon to be considered an easter egg is that it must have been intentionally placed

There is nothing supporting the notion that the Zombielite behavior was intentional.  I believe the simplest explanation is that the physics engine is affecting an object that would normally be blown across the map, but was coded to stay in a generally fixed location- resulting somehow in a little of both.  No clear intention.  Ergo, it's not an easter egg. 

On the other hand, the morse code in Data Hive discovered by Sep7ember is an easter egg.  It was clearly placed intentionally:  the morse code needed to be recorded by the audio team and placed in the level.  Furthermore, when you decode it (per a standard convention: morse code), the results are long-standing references to Bungie lore.  It was hidden.  There is a clear demonstration of intention; furthermore, the results indicate a clear association with Bungie/Halo.  Ergo, it's an easter egg.

As far as NER 1204 goes, I have not yet devoted any time researching this Halo 4 phenomenon other than to read your posts.  The barricade texture contains the following text:

N.R.- 0709
E R - 1204
R R - 1015

The first thing that stands out to me is that it looks like a list of initials for people and their birthdays (July 9, December 04, October 15).  I'd go down that simple path a lot sooner than I'd look at table placement in a random wedding photo on Flickr!

Thanks for joining, and thanks in advance for your continued enthusiasm and willingness to share ideas with the community.  I hope we can have a positive affect on your Halo exploration!

SGP Task Force: Arkive / Re: sign post locations
« on: September 19, 2013, 03:23:42 »
Well I never found the rectangle tall Misriah Armoury one sadly. But I got screenshots of the other 11.
I also managed to screenshot 6 of the square signs also.

CIA, feel free to post your screenshots to this thread.  I will get them into the Gallery if you do.

SGP Task Force: Arkive / Re: sign post locations
« on: September 18, 2013, 23:38:45 »
Vid shows the image with others in the game.  Likely its in there and it does look familiar.  Perhaps in a campaign mission?

SGP Task Force: Arkive / Re: sign post locations
« on: September 18, 2013, 03:06:38 »
Leave the district and deload it.
After the Districts deloaded head back to the district with the sign you want to see changed

When you mentioned your "District Loop" was causing signs to change, I suspected this was the cause. 

Set the Wayback Machine to October 2009.  During my lengthy hypothesis and proof of "Bump Glitching", I concocted a lot of jargon to explain observed game behavior.  The Halo hacking/modding community will no doubt be fluent in the proper terms for these constructs and operations, but nevertheless the behavior is there.  Below is the relevant part to our current topic, already sussed out by CIA.  For our purposes, a BSP can be thought of as the data which defines the geometry for a "district".  Textures are stored (and applied) separately.

The game engine keeps two BSPs loaded at a time into two separate BSP Memory Areas (BMAs).  I call these the "Current BMA" (or "cBMA") and the "Adjacent BMA" (or "aBMA").  When you request a third district to load, the BSP data for that third district is loaded into the Adjacent BMA, replacing whatever BSP was loaded in there previously.  When you enter the new district, you effectively swap the BMA assignments as the Adjacent BMA becomes the Current BMA and vice versa.

In other words, you have two memory "buckets".  Only two districts can be loaded at a time.  Here is what happens as you move around Mombasa Streets from the starting point in D05:

Step   Action                    cBMA    aBMA       Notes
1Start in D05D05(empty)only one memory area loaded
2Move down to D08D08D05both memory areas loaded
3Move over to D06D06D08D05 unloads to make room for D06
4Move over to D10D10D06D08 unloads to make room for D10
5Move up to D04D04D10D06 unloads to make room for D04
6Move down to D06D06D04D10 unloads to make room for D06
7Move over to D10D10D06D04 unloads to make room for D10
8Move up to D04D04D10D06 unloads to make room for D04
9Move down to D06D06D04D10 unloads to make room for D06

Whenever you are about to enter a new district, the game checks to see if it has that district loaded into one of the two memory areas. If so, you don't get a loading message and can walk right in.  If not, you get the loading message and have to wait.

What I am curious about now is how the memory areas are affected once you do a flashback mission and return to the streets.  Hmmm.

SGP Task Force: Arkive / Re: sign post locations
« on: September 17, 2013, 06:50:32 »
As you approach the ONI doors, turn to the left at the top of the stairs.  There's an electronic billboard (i.e. a sign) above a door which is lit with red light. 

In my earlier play on Mombasa Streets, this sign was for Huciv.  When I exited back to the main menu and then resumed my campaign, it was still Huciv.  There was no district banner next to the door.

From the main menu, I started a new campaign at Uplift Reserve on Easy and played through it to get back to Mombasa Streets.  I then went to District 10 and the Huciv sign had changed to a WST sign.  In addition, the D10 banner was present to the left of the door (see crappy camera image, attached).

In this mode (post Uplift Reserve), the ONI Doors are locked.  I don't know if there are multiple versions of the texture mapping for this district or if it's truly random when you begin the mission... but clearly you can get different signs here under different conditions.

SGP Task Force: Ghost Chasers / Re: General Glyph Study
« on: September 17, 2013, 05:27:44 »
+KFY CIA!  Tremendous effort!  Well done, Mr. Labcoat!

Theorizers / Re: Theorizing Guidelines - Food For Thought
« on: September 17, 2013, 05:23:29 »
LOL.   I made that fix on my end which totally Gherjszed it.  I found a second error (see below).  After fixing that, I now read you loud and clear.


SGP Task Force: Arkive / Re: sign post locations
« on: September 17, 2013, 05:15:56 »
Spent some time looking through files.  I found my local copy of the Misriah screenshot- same date stamp.  Photo dimensions consistent with in-game screenshots (1920x1080) which would not have been the case from one of my DVR recordings.

Most of my in-game Halo ODST data is stored on a USB drive.  I checked this drive and I don't have any saved films from this date, nor do I have this screenshot.  Possible I have additional files on an old Xbox360 hard drive.

In the photo, you can clearly see the top of a District 10 banner at the lower left corner of the Misriah sign.

I started a new Mombasa Streets game and worked my way to D10.  I didn't find it in campaign mode or in Theater mode afterward.  But I was falling asleep, too.  (Ahh, the memories of falling asleep in Mombasa Streets looking for secrets!)

Now that I have written this, I'm a little more awake.  I'll look again- it's out there somewhere.

SGP Task Force: Arkive / Re: sign post locations
« on: September 17, 2013, 02:34:07 »
I took that darn Misriah screenshot personally, so it does exist.  I'm not discounting that I miscredited its location.  If I recall, I went back looking for it later and was at a loss.

I posted the photo on 2010.01.11.  I would have taken the screenshot one of two ways:  from a DVD recording of my gameplay footage, or by using the saved films screenshot function. 

I will go back and see if I have files of either source from this date.

Theorizers / Re: Theorizing Guidelines - Food For Thought
« on: September 17, 2013, 02:20:08 »


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