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Theorizers / It's a game. And I know exactly how to play it.
« on: November 19, 2011, 17:38:11 »
A while ago, in a thread about the squidhenge, I talked about how Engineers would pace back and forth in a set path if you stand on the highest stone in the squidhenge. I didn't think much of it.

Now I realize, it's a game. It's this. Now I know that image may look a bit complicated. Once you get to know it, it's not. Every stone faces one wall. If you stand on a stone, the Engineers will travel on the path that it's facing. Along the wall you're looking at. The smallest stone, the one you grenade jump onto, is facing a corner. This is also a corner where Engineers can switch walls. If you stand on this stone, the engineers will go and sit into the corner behind the Mono Sad stone, and then stay in that general area.

Using quick jumping, you can make the Engineers go in a triangle. I repeated this at least 4 times, and even made travel the opposite way.
So basically, jump on a stone, and whatever wall it's facing, the engineers will travel along it.

We know  how to play this game, but how do we win it?

Report In! / Brute AI goes Neutral (Near Plinth?)
« on: November 18, 2011, 18:27:32 »
On the level Mombasa Streets, I was trying to get a Brute to come face to face with the Super Glyph in the first weapons cache. The one with two mongooses. In the next district there is an open area, where a Phantom comes in to land. It drops off several Brutes and some Jackals you have to fight. I kept the door connecting the weapons cache district and this district open by putting a mongoose in the way of it. After many attempts, I finally got a Brute to berserk. I killed the other Brutes and guided the berserker to the weapons cache. Unfortunately, nothing happened.

I then guided it towards the door you can open to get near Dare's Recon Helmet. Inside that room is Plinth Delta. Once inside, right next to the plinth, the Brute stopped attacking me. It could look around and make noises, but It would just stand there, without a weapon. He was still in berserker mode, just not moving. Or attacking. I could push him, he just wouldn't attack.

After a while, I pushed him to the other side of the hallway, where there's another door leading to the outside world of New Mombasa. I pushed him right up to the door, and opened it. He immediately ran outside, with his back turned to me. He seemed to be unaware of me, and just wanted to run away. I shot him in the leg to get his attention, and he came back and started to attack me. I brought him inside, and even with the door shut, he was still attacking me. I brought over to the general area of the Plinth and he stopped attacking me. Back to his neutral state.

I think I tested it twice, and with the Plinth in its original spot, the Brute would always attack me at the other door. I brought the plinth over to that door, and tested it a couple times. He would not attack me at that door when I had the plinth next to it.

He remained an Enemy throughout the whole thing. Whenever I placed the Reticle on him, it was red.

The video is here, and it happens 10 minutes in so I strongly suggest you guys check it out.

Intel / Waypoint's Custom Challenge Creator
« on: November 17, 2011, 16:06:24 »
You can create your own challenges. You must be signed into your Live account.

At first I was very happy because I figured BOB would be in the enemy list, so we could test BOBs whenever we wanted to.
They aren't in the list. I think. If you can find it under some other weird name, it would be amazing.

They do have Covenant Pilot though. This could be somewhat useful.

Intel / MOVED: New GRD Helmet Easter Eggs!
« on: November 13, 2011, 15:57:33 »

Achievements / Speed Reader (10 Points)
« on: October 15, 2011, 09:34:49 »


How on earth...

Work-In-Progress (Halo: Reach) / Barcode Database
« on: October 03, 2011, 20:34:19 »
It can be done. And I can do it.

The first thing I will be decoding is the barcode on the Halo Reach controller. I can attempt it with the images already on the web, but it most likely won't turn out well. Here's the first request: Could someone get an extremely high resolution of the barcode on the Halo Reach Controller up close? The picture should contain just the barcode, and a resolution around 4000x4000 is preferred for deciphering it. If anyone has got a camera that can get a high resolution, I will be extremely grateful if you can get the picture.

Halo Reach Controller Barcode:
Status = Need Picture
Code = ?

Halsey's Identification Card:
Status = Complete

Barcode on Packaging of Journal
Status = Complete
Code = X16-69868-01

SGP Task Force: Marty / "No Monks" Contradiction
« on: September 26, 2011, 15:58:08 »
The first thing Marty said when he was starting the ODST OST was "No Monks". You can see this in the vidoc, Dramatis Personae.

But in Light at the End, you can hear Monks. It's not even a remastered track. Do you think he just gave up on the No Monks comment, or do you think it could possibly be referencing something?

Intel / References to us and finishing the guides
« on: September 22, 2011, 14:19:19 »
I found this quote on the BOB thread. The link is the interesting part.
Posted by: Darth Violus
so back to these bobs...

there are 7 known gold ranger bobs(with many spawns on each map)
-Winter Contingency(7 known spawn locations on this map!!)
-Tip of the spear
-long night of solace
-the package
-pillar of autumn
-lone wolf

there is one one white(or silver) bob and he spawns with any elite armour config and dualy plasma rifles on ONi: sword base. i would like to start a search for more of these on other levels since inside sword base i had a run in with a ultra class dual weilding plasma rifles and he was not bob(i checked after). in fact he was just a plain ol' ultra. it seems they are identical to the ultra bob found on this map in the bob spawns. except these white bobs still behave the same tho they do not vanish,i suspect that there are more bobs hiding in white armor possibly ultra class, that have been overlooked while wiping out rooms of covies and not confirming the bob kill because you did not see a normal bob.

there are 3 confirmed banshee bobs(each also with not just a single spawn point)
- exodus
- new alexandria
- the package(rally point bravo)

that makes for 7 gold bobs out of 10 maps and 4 non gold bobs(one being white and three banshees) the third banshee i must also note spawns as well as the gold ranger at rally bravo.(if someone can confirm i havent tryed that out yet).

seems sorta close to the 9 gold skull count and 4 non gold skull count from halo 3. if only we could locate a gold bob on exodus an na.  or maybe one more banshee and one more white or gold bob then wed have a perfect match 9 and 4 wouldnt we? even if the one bob is white you still get a medal for killing a gold elite ranger bob. think about it...

I looked at his post and though: Wow, someone else actually figured out all the 7 spawns just like we did! Then I clicked the link. It was Gruntspajamas. I just thought it was interesting that this was noted by the Reach community.

Since people seem to viewing this site, we need to get our HTML guides done. A lot of our info is hidden, let's bring it out.

Intel / ODST Plinths spotted in Halo Legends "Origins"
« on: July 07, 2011, 03:58:44 »
My friend has netflix set up at his house, so we we just randomly searched and saw Halo Legends, so we decided to watch it.
This was late at night, and so the following might have just been my level of hyper, but I saw plinths. They look almost exactly like the Plinths we found in ODST.

This youtube video and the segment I've linked to shows the plinths. It is much easier to see on the actual episode. If you have the disc or have netflix, watch it.

You can see the plinths slightly to the sides.

Halo Reach General Discussion / Time is running out.
« on: June 21, 2011, 14:39:51 »
We've seen how Bungie has given away key Halo artifacts such as the Star and Bungie nameplates. Blue flames too.
They are leaving Halo, they're giving it away. But not to 343, they are giving it to the fans.

From the recent behaviour Bungie has had about nameplates and such, I have no doubt that they will explain all the mysteries we could never solve. It looks like they don't care about 343, they're not going to leave them anything.

They're probably going to explain everything on Bungie day, or a bit before it. We have to solve things now. Time is running out.

Realize that the Bungie/343 departure as I've talked about in this post is speculation. It could not be true, but it's what I believe, and it makes sense.

So I was at my friends house today. We decided to play some Halo Reach, and get the Pelican and Phantom. We start up New Alexandria.
We go up on the roof of a building. My friend jetpacks up above the building, then jacks a banshee.

A very long time later, in the same game, we come back. I'm in my falcon. My gunner starts shooting a single spot on the top of the roof. I check if there are any banshees that would be in the line of fire if it were not for the roof; there were no banshees. We don't know what he is shooting at. I get out and stand in the line of fire. He stops shooting. I move out of the way, and look at what he is shooting. He's just shooting the roof. Then I see a spurt of red blood that quickly disappears. The same blood that comes out when you shoot a marine. Every couple seconds a burst of blood would come out. I go over to where the blood comes out, and Melee. I lunge towards the floor. I melee again. I lunge toward the floor and earn a "Pummeled" medal.

From this, I gather that there are enemies in the Banshees. They are just invisible. Really invisible. So nothing has to be rendered. Isn't this interesting?

Oh yeah, sometimes if you damage a banshee before you jack it, you get a Pummeled medal.

BOBs / Interesting Things about BOBs and Marines
« on: May 31, 2011, 04:37:37 »
So we all know about the bob on LNoS that comes down in the drop pod. Me and Monx found out some odd things about that bob.

For one, marines would not attack the bob. The BOB was shooting at them and kicking them, and the marines did not even notice. They're getting tougher these days...

These marines do not notice the hostile bob.

Oh don't mind me.

If you stand under the pod landing zone and activate armor lock, when it hits you, you will be granted with a rejection medal. You can see this here.

Activating Armor Lock under the pod doesn't do much. It merely gives you a rejection medal and slides you out of the pod.

One time the BOB disappeared. It was very fast, it wasn't the retreat method that usually happens. It may be along the lines of whay happened to Pulse. Here's what happened:
Before, and, After.

Poof. Instead of popping up out of the ground, he just disappeared.

Check my recent screenshots for more. There are three videos of all this in my fileshare.

Report In! / Two Phantoms Destroyed Above Squidhenge
« on: May 26, 2011, 23:43:20 »
Insane Monx and I destroyed two phantoms over the squidhenge. We got several Audiologs, got the rocket launchers from the Cache, and set up in the squidhenge. The first phantom came right above. It had its engineers entrails out. Monx was AFK, so I shot it with two shots, and it exploded. Debris spilled everywhere outside the squidhenge, in the middle of the street. A Heavy Grunt with a plasma pistol was found dead on the ground. No, his gun was not a Scarab Gun.

We then shot down another, and found the Pilots Plasma Pistol, but his body was nowhere to be found. There seems to be intriguing textures on the wreckage. They somewhat resembled glyphs. We found it odd how Bungie made such high quality texture on a brush rarely seen.

You can view the film here. We did some other cool stuff. But the film is 2 hours long. Sorry.

By the way, in the video you'll see how eager I was to find what's behind the Tri-Glyph. We have deduced that there is nothing behind it, you'll see the huge proof in the video.

This is a video I made in about an hour about BOBs. There is no use for it, but I just wanted to post it.

There is an important part, and it's the order of spawns. You'll see if you watch the video.

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