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Destiny Discussion / Project //Grim
« on: December 15, 2014, 07:39:38 »
I have compiled most of the Grimoire cards (and a few pieces of gear) into an easily searchable, tagged format. I used Evernote, a free note service. You'll need to install the program, then you can import the linked .ENEX file.

There is still more work to do. I have more locations and a bunch of more cards with Light to tag. As it stands, I ignored Grimoire cards that didn't effect the story or mention people/places, such as the cards describing each class's melee attack. If you add more cards or tags, export the whole notebook, and notify me so I can put it in this post!

"To you, then, brave future soul, from the frightened mind of an old ship: best wishes, and godspeed."

Project //Grim Download

Destiny Discussion / FWC, Grimoire, 343!
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:05:20 »
I'm working on a larger project, but I just found this! In Ghost Fragment: Future War Cult, entries are labeled:

The four digit number ranges from 7887 to 7891. But hark! The blessed 343 appears!

Alright, I'm off for tonight.

Report In! / Christopher Barrett AMA TBA
« on: August 22, 2014, 14:39:35 »
Hey, over on, the next AMA in their deities is Cristopher Barrett. This may be a good opporotinuity for is to try and ask some questions. As of right now the date is not announced, but I'll be keeping my eye on it.

Destiny Pre-Release Discussion / Destiny Beta
« on: July 28, 2014, 23:03:22 »
Apologies in advance, this will be a bit of a word vomit. My thoughts on:

Its interesting to me that the story we have seen in the Beta seems geared towards your Guardian being the most important, the one who turns the tide, etc. The way your Ghost and the Speaker act after you kill the Archon in the second mission tell me that you aren't an average Guardian. I don't think this is bad, I just wasn't expecting it.

Sparrows. Oh how I love the Sparrows. The handling is perfect, they sound just like a pod racer. The action of summoning a Sparrow is so smooth, and you can do it and be on your way without breaking stride. Also, I like how Bungie made a vehicle very similar to a Purple and it handles nothing like a Purple!

The social interactions are brilliant. All your communication needs are nearly covered by pointing, dancing, waving, and sitting (the d-pad lets you point forward, left, right, and hold a fist up for hold while on a Sparrow). Making fireteams is so easy to do as well by clicking the right stick to target other players. Very happy with this.

Spaceships are plentiful and varied. I'm in love.

You can use any weapon in you inventory in a Crucible match. I don't know what black magic Bungie is doing behind the scenes to balance the primary weapons, but somehow it works. The balance for switching secondary and heavy weapons is elegantly simple: you can do it, but you won't have ammo for it.

You can summon Sparrows in the Crucible. I'm happy.

Small UI complaint. While I love the navy color used for Alpha team, it gets hard to see the progress bar for the team's points in the bottom right on the dark background.

Right now, I'm hopeful that our characters might possibly maybe transfer over. The Destiny companion app still lets you check all the stats, view your inventory, and even see the 3D preview of your Guardian. the fact that the data is still all stored on a server and is accessible has my hopes up.

ODST Fan Fiction / Breachfall: Episode 1 - Rise from the Ashes
« on: June 17, 2013, 22:27:56 »
     The city once knew no quiet. Daily bustle grew into a cacophony as the sleek alien ship suddenly slid into the sky, it's purple bulk contrasting the gray spindle of the space elevator. For a precious few seconds, the craft remained still. Then the Phantoms were released. Covenant troops made haste to make landfall and set out on their path of destruction, and citizens fled. Meanwhile, in the dark silence above the Earth, human ships fought valiantly against the alien invaders to protect their home. Beyond the sight of those on the planet, a retaliative strike from above was enacted to protect those below. As the shining pods screamed towards the ship above the city, hell broke loose. A great dark purple orb enveloped the craft, sending out a shockwave that scattered the drop pods. The enemy ship disappeared as scores of pods smashed into the abandoned streets below. The dust settles, and the city dares not whisper.

A Roll to Dodge Epic
Episode 1: Rise from the Ashes

     You awake sometime later in darkness. Apart from a buzzing static from your radio, the surrounding city block is eerily quiet. You are undiscovered for now; a good thing too, as your pod door was ripped off in the crash. As far as you can tell, you were left uninjured, but you have not inspected your pod or equipment. Your squad-mates are nowhere to be found; locating them should be your first priority. Who are you, and what is your first action?

     As a bit of a response to Kenji's thread and to assuage my own desire to try some creative writing, I will be taking the mantle of Game Master to lead you through a grand adventure. This will be in a different format than an RP; it will be a Roll to Dodge. Essentially, every action and reaction gets a dice roll on a six sided die, and the results determine your success. I will be using this system:
  • Utter Failure: In your failure, you make your situation worse
  • Failure: You accomplish nothing
  • Minor Success: You help your goals along, but do not complete them
  • Partial Success: You complete your goals, but only just so
  • Perfect Success: You accomplish all you could have hoped for, and look cool doing it
  • Overshot: You accomplish your goal in the most outlandish or resource intensive way available, possibly causing harm along the way
To make an action, simply state it in bold. For example: I shoot the Grunt or Fire my rocket launcher to detonate the plasma batteries that the group of Brutes are standing next to. If you provide multiple actions, I will only use the first one. You can jump in this game at any time. I will give this first turn 24 hours before I roll, but after that I will post a turn once all participating players have an action in. If you want to role-play, that is completely fine, but try to keep it mostly to dialogue and remember that I resolve actions, not you. OOC talk about the game is fine as well. Keep it clean and have fun!

SGP Task Force: The Librarians / MOVED: Map of Glyph's
« on: August 13, 2012, 02:48:24 »

ODST General Discussion / Hunter's Guide
« on: August 09, 2012, 21:08:11 »
Well drat. None of the links go to the same place any more.

This list is a composition of all the ideas that SGP members have had that were never finished or thoroughly fleshed out. Most of the titles are chosen so that anyone could work straight from them without reading the thread they link to. If anyone is looking for something to do, this would probably be a good place to start.

[09/30/09] Superintendent Facial Expressions
[06/13/10] Number and Letter Tags/Banners
[01/11/10] Mysterious 'E' Company
[10/19/09] Trail of Lights     We might want to grab those screenshots for our gallery.
[11/29/09] Pre-Launch Wallpapers
[10/24/09] Asklon and AMG
[10/06/09] Company List      Lots of images to add to the gallery.
[10/06/09] Forerunner Symbol

Black Ops
[10/03/09] Inaccessible Areas Theories      Lots of screenshots
(There are actually lots of small ideas all throughout this board, but I couldn't make out what was going on, or if they were completed in most of them)

[02/23/11] Data Hive Map Request
[12/23/09] Body Map
[10/11/09] District 09 Bump Guide/Cataloging Request
[12/08/09] Decoding Bungie Map Designs
[08/05/09] Incomplete Data Hive Lockdown

Ghost Chasers
[01/22/11] The Good Samaritan
[10/01/09] Super Tri Glyph Spawning Conditions
[10/04/09] Eclipse Signs
[10/09/09] Glyph Representations

[08/21/11] Mbaraki Pillar
[10/01/09] Sadie's Story Makes a Map
[10/07/09] Squidhendge and the Stars

[11/24/09] List of In Game Song Occurrences
[06/26/10] Hardcore Squidhenge Tone Testing
[11/22/09] Superintendent Calling Out to Sadie
[10/12/09] Beeps from Vergil
[10/27/09] Audio Log Listening Locations

[10/29/09] 55.6992.3840
[03/19/12] Numbers in ODST's Credits
[09/30/09] Superintendent Hex Patterns
[10/25/09] J Banners
[06/14/10] Decimal Separated Numbers
[06/13/10] 23:03:28:30
[11/28/09] Ordering Subliminal Messages
[11/29/09] SYNC NOMIN
[11/29/09] ERR THREAD
[11/29/09] MISC DATA
[10/14/09] Special Dates

[11/19/11] Directing Engineers
[10/29/09] Camera Locations in New Mombasa
I will continue this later. Real life doesn't always allow time for re-reading an entire forum

I'm not going to be drawing too many connections in this post, I'm merely sparking conversation
     Earlier today, Bungie seems to have reuploaded several of their live action trailers on to youtube. I have seen Landfall, Starry Night, and Believe, but Hunted is a new one for me. I was reminded of one of Halo 3's taglines at the end of this video:

I think everyone knows which wall I'm referring to here. With Hunted's main theme of going dark to avoid detection, ODST seems to be linked to this video, even though it was released for the previous installment in the Halo series.

This has probably been see before, but I have not seen it be reported or cataloged. If anything, its a nice picture for the gallery.

SGP Task Force: 7 / Numbers during ODST's credits.
« on: March 19, 2012, 16:05:03 »
This sequence of number groups appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen during the credits. To the left is some of the "hex patterns" standard to SI overlays. These numbers appear lined up to the right side, so that unevenness of the lines of numbers is apparent on the left side. This sequence appears to continually loop in the same order during the entirety of the credits.

82002 383832 727777 777

56998 25566 555 71699 3

6 4 6667.887.3...1699942.7

9946673346 33763 33999
88 7769435 77683

0003. 011020100. 12313

14332    110297522 1
1 (lots of spaces) 123984 45


15274916 01902 001292 0
5760274 037475
338939278 0 0 000 0002 2

13392758603 334 3
6453892 9287489 028475 323

5057473 947599
4547460 0384038 0385720 7347598
576593849 9849376267

59270 02374 3094820
23894 37400 4729379
37402 67659 3472034

34783494 003840
001010 010110100
01929401 03484723948

(this line is blank)


827287 7777777 82371293

0019270 9283109238
4774838 83473948
100003716 02093764002

I will probably do some further analysis later, but don't let that stop you from discussing.

SGP Task Force: The Librarians / The Mbaraki Pillar
« on: August 22, 2011, 01:01:28 »
     I can guarantee that we have all seen this. One of the neater, yet smallest features of ODST it the clock in the loading screens. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, during ODST's loading screens, your local console time is displayed in the bottom right hand corner, in military time. Above the time, 'MBARAKI.2552" is written.

     It shocks me that none of the SGP members haven't done any research on something that stares them in the face every time they play ODST. After some googling, I found this page, giving us some details on the Mbaraki Pillar (You'll need to scroll a bit). According to the article, the Pillar is a few hundred years old, the second oldest structure in Africa. Supposedly, the tower is the residence for a spirit with magical healing powers.

     There are three theories as t how the Pillar was used. Native lore claims that an Arab spirit of healing resides here, and women would pray and worship at the base of the tower to be granted fertility in baring children. Those who were sick would leave offerings, in hopes of improved health. Another theory is that a sheikh, or elder, was buried here, and the tower is his tomb. A lack of burial chambers and being in no way similar to other pillar tombs of the Changamwe people poke quite a few holes in this theory. The most probable explanation is that the Pillar is an early form of lighthouse. Standing fifty feet high, the Pillar can easily be seen from the sea. The open turret topping the tower would allow the placement of some sort of beacon, and being located near the entrance to a creek give the lighthouse theory a solid foundation.
     I know what you're thinking; That magic spirit is the engineers! Sure, there is a large relation in their roles. But Mbaraki is in Mombasa, so it should have some relative position in ODST, right? It does. With Uplift Reserve.

(The Mbaraki Pillar is marked with 'B')
     As seen in the map, the Pillar's location is closest to the second round enclosure that the player enters when playing through Dutch's first flashback. This is the area with the Shade turrets on the ridge, and the dead zebra. What might this mean?

Halo Reach General Discussion / New Alexandria is District 6
« on: June 24, 2011, 02:19:20 »
     Mouths watering yet? The whole point of this investigation is in the title, but before I create a mess of exploded brains plastered to your lovely home's walls, let's start at the beginning.
     On Monday, I was lazily flying around New Alexandria, half hoping I would find an Invemy on my own. Ridding myself of such a ridiculous notion, I did what I usually do when on my own in that level; land on the top of random buildings. While doing this, I happened to catch Olympus Tower, aka the ONI building at just the right angle, so that I recognized this outline:

     I saw Olympus Tower as a plinth. My next realization was that there are six skyscrapers surrounding the base of the Tower. Four can be seen in the above image, with the two buildings with landing platforms on top making five and six. So where does this lead? Bungie has told us that the Plinths should be in Squidhenge (more definitive proof later), but we need some sort of orientation. So I used the maps in ODST's POGG and Reach's LEG to look for more links, and I have found them.

The annotations should be easy to understand. Also, the six buildings don't look so far away from each other in game. I have attached the NA map to this post for future use. My next step will be to add the various switches from NA to the map, and see if they correspond with anything in District 6.

ODST Fan Fiction / The Darkened Streets
« on: February 15, 2011, 15:06:29 »
Something I wrote in my free time.

The city that was once forlorn, whose streets
So foreboding, lonely, lost, lifeless. They
Plead for a friend, a lover. I have found
Myself trapped inside the city walls, and
Now I do not want to leave, having come
To love the things I had so recently
Feared.  True, my friends have dangers, but it is
Worth the trepidation to learn of their
Secrets. Wonderful mysteries of a
World deserted of its inhabitants.

Report In! / We zombified a cop!
« on: February 13, 2011, 23:44:52 »

More info to come soon!

Could'a had more info than that Night... xD

On Mombasa Streets, we resurrected an Elite at the Tri Glyph, nothing happened.

We then moved to the Kinzingo Boulevard flashback, the gauss cannon. To get to the cannon, you need to go through a door an into the building, and up the stairs. We saw grunts on the first floor, so we tried to resurrect them. I don't think it worked but Night says he saw one fall. I will look at this.

We then moved on and saw a lone cop (dead, of course). We betrayed for grenades, then stepped back. We threw the grenades. We run forward after the explosions die down. THE COP IS STANDING UP! I melee it after a few seconds and it faces the other way, like elites usually do.

It stood up as long as elites usually do. We zombified a cop.

Out of excitement we tea bagged and shot the roof and did 1080s. After our miniature party, we moved up the stairs and found TWO dead cops next to eachother. "Hell yes!" we think.
We plant the grenades and throw our own.

They both stand up. We have zombified cops.

Another anomaly: When we were moving elites to the tri glyph, I hit one, and it instantly stood up. Night did not see this though. This proves that it is either damage, or a sweet spot that zombifies these beings.

Getting pics now.c

SGP Task Force: Ghost Chasers / The Good Samaritan
« on: January 22, 2011, 15:20:43 »
     In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus tells the story of a Jew who is attacked by thieves on a road. He is stripped and beaten, and left half dead on the side of the road. A short while later, a priest comes down the road, and passes the man by. Soon a Levite passes the man by too. Now a Samaritan comes by, and is deeply moved by the sight of this man, lying half dead on the side of the road. He binds the mans wounds, pouring oil and wine on them (for cleaning and disinfection). He puts the man on his own animal, and brings him to an inn. The Samaritan pays the innkeeper two denarii, each the equivalent of a days labor, and tells him to take care of the injured man, and the Samaritan will pay whatever expenses. 
     This parable would come as a bit of a shock to the audience listening to Jesus tell it, because Samaritans and Jews didn't get along. Now, you may be wondering how this relates to ODST (or maybe not). Obviously, there is the Good Samaritan achievement, to complete the campaign without killing any Engineers. This seems to hint at a possible relation between the parable and ODST. But where, you ask? Where else but Squidhenge!
        I believe that the Elites represent the Jew who was beaten and robbed. Don't forget that the Elites are only half dead, readily zombifying at the player's whim.  You, the player, would logically be the Samaritan. The Engineers represent the priest and Levite, constantly passing the Elites by. The Samaritan's animal would be your mongoose.
     According to the parable, the Samaritan brings the man to an inn to heal. In the context of ODST, that means we need to punch some bodies. I have no idea what would be an inn in-game. It could just be getting the body to and optican station. This is where I need your help. Discuss. 

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