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Hi !

In this short H3:ODST video, we show you our investigation about those dark areas and dark districtsH3.
Actually, we try to go into those entire black districts, during "New Mombasa Streets" mission, and there are some clues in this video to succeed it.

If you want to help us, go on

Thank you for watching !

on dailymotion :
on youtube :
on vimeo :


SGP Task Force: Black Ops / SGP - Count explored dark areas !
« on: October 06, 2009, 07:23:50 »

I've made a map where i've tried to count every dark areas that have already been explored :

SGP - Dark Areas Map

* Going through dark areas : Sector 9 (VsH Tepec Fett)
* Going through dark areas : Sector 0 (VsH Tepec Fett)
* Going through dark areas : Sector 5 (VsH Tepec Fett)
* Going through dark areas : Sector 3 (during "Kizingo Boulevard" mission) (VsH Tepec Fett)
* Going in Kikowani Station (VsH Tepec Fett)
* Going through dark areas : Sector 8 (x H3i ForOneurS)

1) it is possible to go into every dark area that is locked by at least one "blue barrier".
2) it is possible to go on the roofs.
3°) it is possible to have a "loading sequence" into a dark area, loading sequence which make appears some novelty (like textures, etc.).

It could be important in order to not doing things that have already done, so, if you're interested by our mission, please take a look on this !

Moreover, if you succeeded in going through a dark area that i've not counted on this map, please tell us here, and link a video to your file share shoing that fact.

Good luck !


SGP Task Force: The Cartographers / SGP - Dark Areas Map
« on: October 06, 2009, 07:19:56 »
Hi !

I just present in this thread a map where i've listed the progress of exploring dark areas ; there are also "dark districts" , and i hope it would be interesting to see all those black areas already explored just near black districts still unlocked.

New Mombasa Streets - Dark Areas

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