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Destiny Discussion / It's Here!!!
« on: September 09, 2014, 05:24:59 »
Destiny has landed!  My 360 is busy installing 5.51 GB from disc and has already downloaded "Compatibility Pack 1".

The next few days will be very interesting.  Judging by sporadic online availability of the Limited Editions and the long line at my local midnight launch, it seems initial sales figures won't be an issue.  How will the network hold up?  What will the public think of the final product?  Will any of our pre-release concerns be addressed?

My install is now at 97%... time to find out!

Hope to see you online!

Destiny Pre-Release Discussion / New Destiny Avatar Collection
« on: August 01, 2014, 17:46:59 »
All members can now select from 7 new avatars in the "Destiny-ArtistRef" category.

Members of Team Vergil may unlock an eighth.


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Theorizers / Theorizing Guidelines - Food For Thought
« on: September 07, 2013, 07:04:50 »
Maybe I am getting jaded from all these years of Halo theorizing, but I think the Hollow Men reference in ODST was just the result of it getting the standard-issue Bungie TLC with regard to long-standing Bungie/Halo traditions.  In other words, Marty&Co dropped the backwards lines into the mix of one of their songs because an Eliot reference in a Halo game is as natural as a grunt with a gas mask. 

This is pure conjecture based on feeling, not necessarily science.

There has been a resurgence here with regard to exploring ODST.  Which is AWESOME in my opinion. 

As the old mysteries of ODST have been getting attention in my mind again, I am also once again reminded of how rich (and frankly, how muddled) the Bungie/Halo lore is even within the context of a single game.

There are two guidelines which I feel are important to work under while analyzing ANY mystery in ODST (and they're probably applicable to any game worth theorizing over):
  • Separating "generic" franchise references from specific references to the game at hand.
  • Understanding who (in the real world) was responsible for the issue you are scrutinizing.

So for the first item, it would be foolish to assume that the Covenant were tearing apart New Mombasa searching for a Soffish.  As funny as that version of the story might be, it's not likely to be the intended interpretation of the hidden morse code messages discovered by Sep7ember in the Data Hive.  So in this case, we distinguish the morse code easter egg as a "generic" Bungie reference so that it doesn't get thrown into the theoretical mixture of "Big Important ODST Secret Clues".  Otherwise we may end up wasting (even more) time with postulations like "What if we arranged the glyphs to look like a Soffish and walked that pattern while in the Data Hive?"

As for the second guideline, we consider which member(s) of the development team were the responsible parties.  In the case of an environmental audio easter egg in ODST, we'd narrow it down to one of three people on the ODST:Audio team:
  • Martin O'Donnell (Audio Director & Composer)
  • Jay Weinland (Audio Lead & Sound Design)
  • C Paul Johnson (Sound Design & Additional Music)
[source: Prima Official Game Guide but also listed in ODST manual and end-game credits]

One of these three folks (I'd guess Jay or C Paul) would have been the one to place an audio file with morse code into the level.  They might have done this at the behest of the level designer (I believe it was Lars Bakken for Data Hive) or they might have decided to enter their own little easter egg.  Another example is the Binary Barrett Easter Egg which is also located in Data Hive.  To find the culprit here, we'd turn to the ODST:Art department where we could indict any of the dozen environmental artists or even Christopher Barrett himself, who was credited with "Additional Art Direction". 

So why care who was responsible?  So we know who to ask!  By asking the right person, we (aka Pulse Cloud) were able to put to rest the "mystery" of the hidden banshee pilots in Reach.  I was similarly able to get some intel on the BOB Scripts by contacting Bungie Community Manager Eric Osborne (Urk), who was able to relay some info from level designer Niles Sankey.

In any case, there exists the possibility that the person responsible is placing that easter egg for their own individual reason- not necessarily because it has some greater purpose in the game.  If this person has a history of doing such things (as Barrett does) it's easier to dismiss the case as an isolated incident.

We know that Staten has placed secrets in ODST which haven't yet been found.  Since we're largely following breadcrumbs being left by the core ODST:Design Team, i would rank cinematics as a high priority source of leads.  There are few names listed in the design team.  Apart from Staten, the three level designers, and the director of design (Paul Bertone), you have but a single name remaining:  C J Cowan, Cinematics Director.  I find it hard to imagine that any other aspect of Halo game development would gets more input from the writing staff than cinematics.  Staten served as both Writer and Cinematics Director on Halo 2, so it's no great stretch to posit that these two spent a great deal of time working together on ODST.

Lead on, brave adventurers!  If there's a secret behind these glyphs we're looking at, I'd expect (based on the above) that it'd be something better than a Soffish.  (Is that possible?!?)

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Halo 4 General Discussion / Debating the Merit of Halo 4
« on: June 13, 2013, 13:21:38 »
There are a couple parts of Halo 4 which are just absurd and impossible. The only interesting thing is the last cutscene and you can watch that on youtube. The rest is "CHIEF GET TO THE SHIP! NOW KILL THIS WEIRD DUDE!" nonstop.

Wow.  I just can't disagree more.

I think the main disconnect between our opinions is due to interest in the story.  If you didn't take the time to read (and try to understand) the hidden terminals in Halo 3, then you're not going to care about that "weird dude" or understand the context of the interactions you are having with the new characters.

Furthermore, the enjoyment of the campaign story is enhanced if you have read some of the Forerunner Trilogy (Cryptum, Primordium) and/or spent the time unlocking and digesting the terminals in Halo Anniversary.  That's the idea, anyhow.  As always, the writers intentionally lead the players into forming their own connections and conclusions in order to tie the factual information together into a cohesive understanding of the story.  It's an approach that has arguable merit- especially in the context of a first person shooter- but like it or not it's one of the hallmarks of this franchise.

The producers of this new batch of games could have chosen to take the story in so many different directions.  They could have focused on Earth, for example.  Or the members of the Infinity making their way to Requiem.  Or the Arbiter.

Instead, they chose to delve into the Forerunners.  Long-time fans who have been tantalized by the drips and drabs of Forerunner information dropped throughout the series have no choice to be excited about this.  It's pure fan-service, in my opinion.  It was also a risky decision to focus the series on an aspect of the story which was only apparent to a smaller segment of fans: the fans who cared enough to investigate the subtleties of the real Halo story under the surface of all the the shooting and switch flipping.   

So if you're only paying attention to shooting and switch-flipping, perhaps the campaign in this game is not for you.  For these people, there is a wealth of fun to be had in the competitive multiplayer modes- of which there are many.  "Competitive" in this game means caring enough to equip your player properly as you level up and unlock new abilities.  It's a new aspect of this particular installment, and it would be foolish for the designers not to reward players who invest the required thought and effort into learning the game's new features.

Please don't think I'm saying Halo 4 is perfect or even the best installment in the series.  For my money, you can't beat Halo 3 when you weigh all of the different aspects of play (campaign, multiplayer, content creation, content sharing, unlockables, etc, etc.)  Spartan Ops does suffer greatly from the "hurry up and flip this switch!  Oh, no- more enemies!   Hurry up and flip this other switch!" syndrome.  But it IS FUN to play Spartan Ops with your friends.  The levels set on the recreation of Valhalla (which explain its backstory) are standouts.

Finally, I am not saying that the story itself is perfect!  Every fan feels that they might have done something differently in one way or another.  But the story is at least consistent across the media that 343 has been utilizing.  There is an unprecedented amount of continuity between the new novels and the events in-game.  And I am thankful for that.  It may still confuse the hell out of me sometimes, but it's more than you will get from the average shooter.

Destiny Pre-Release Discussion / RFC: Destiny Factions
« on: June 11, 2013, 16:20:42 »
Anyone willing to gather together a brief, text/pics outline of the factions in Destiny? 

Then perhaps we should have separate boards/threads about these factions?

Destiny Pre-Release Discussion / Destiny Link Farm
« on: June 11, 2013, 16:15:14 »

Mods:  please edit this post to add links to Destiny-related goodness as you find it.  Please add them in the appropriate section.  Thanks!

Official Destiny Site
2011.08.03: [Video] "O Brave New World" contains references to the development of Destiny, back when it was still codenamed "Tiger"
2013.03.28: [Video] "Destiny Character Development: Bungie at GDC 2013"
2013.06.07: [Article] E3 2013 Coverage (previously had UStream E3 Feed)
2013.07.03: [Video] "Official Destiny Gameplay Reveal Video"
2013.08.22: [Video] "Out Here in the Wild - Official Destiny ViDoc"
2013.09.03: [Video] "Destiny Community Thank You" link originally posted in this article

MEDIA LINKS (IGN, GameStop, etc.)
2013.06.10: [Video] E3 Sony Conference - Jones and Staten Play Destiny (IGN YouTube Channel)

FAN CONTENT LINKS (other community posts, personal YouTube videos, etc) "Waiting For Destiny" article

Destiny Pre-Release Discussion / Third-Person Community Spaces?
« on: June 11, 2013, 00:36:08 »
I am looking forward to more elaboration on the feature "...third-person community spaces where you can repair and rearm before going out on your next adventure."

(From this slideshow on


Does this mean that the real-life community of fans will somehow be able to set up shop and sell their wares?  Does this mean with in-game currency or will the community be allowed to market their own content in-game via micro-transactions?

Because, well... that would be awesome.  And would take the whole forgehub thingy to a whole new level.

Or is all of that just fancy copy for "there will be NPCs selling you things?"

Destiny Pre-Release Discussion / Destiny at E3 2013
« on: June 10, 2013, 10:25:37 »
The 2013 E3 Destiny Reveal is Upon Us!

It's mere hours away!  You can follow Bungie's Destiny reveal over at their site by using the following link:

In the US, television viewers with access to Spike TV can also get in on the coverage.

And if you haven't already pimped out your PC, you can get 40 different wallpapers over here.  The art is gorgeous!

Halo 4 General Discussion / Didactula?
« on: November 20, 2012, 08:19:58 »
Really?  If he is so evolved, what's he doing with those canines?  Does he bound around the Halo ring on all fours, chomping down indexed Moa?

What an embarrassment to the truly evolved Forerunners who float.   Maybe that's the real reason ol' Libby pumped him full of hard light and sealed his butt up in a Shield World.  And why Moa are extinct on Earth.

Or. Are. They?

[Cue Hissing Vampire Moa]

Halo 4 General Discussion / Halo 4 Glyphs
« on: November 19, 2012, 00:43:00 »
I've got to say... the internet has not done much justice to the whole Waypoint glyph code thing.  The best thing out there is a cheat sheet with the codes... which sucks.

I'm more like fvagelis over here who wants to figure it out on his own but was likewise thrown off by the lack of a definite "Section 3 NEWS" item on 

In my humble opinion, the community needs a clear "Hint Guide" to unlocking the Classified Archives, rather than a straight up cheat sheet.

Anyone interested?  Mods can use the batsignal if they wish.

PS: hope all is well out there.  We will have to stage a belated SGP Day before the end of the year.
PPS: gratz to Nightcrafter who found and decoded a hidden message I placed in an image years ago.   :o

HCEA: C01: Pillar of Autumn / Lore & In-Game References
« on: November 18, 2011, 05:57:35 »
  • Marathon logo removed from Keyes' uniform
  • Bulletin board has new set of postings, including "Cat Found" poster in answer to the original Cat Missing poster (which was a reference to the film Alien)
  • Cryo-tube control room (overlooking starting area) shows status of "Master Chief UNSC Petty Officer John-117" and "UNSC Petty Officer Linda-058" on the wall.

BOBs / BOB 8-S-02 (Second BOB Spawn on 'New Alexandria')
« on: November 14, 2011, 11:31:18 »
The Golden Tree City daily challenge appeared (for the second time ever) on Sunday 2011.11.13, and I was able to record two separate video confirmations.  The  first one is the usual "Club Errera" spawn that brought Banshee BOBs to our attention at the beginning of the year.  It's been well documented on YouTube.

The second one is a completely different spawning point.  This one spawns behind your mission starting point (a circular landing platform) and was actually documented previously over here by "Cox" at French fan site www.halocreation.orgEncyclopedia BOBtannica thread.

We can still (and should!) confirm the other two Halocreation spawns with "Golden Opportunity" and "If It Bleeds..." when they appear.

I'll get the video up as soon as time allows.  Did anyone else cash in the Golden Tree City challenge?

BOBs / BOB 6-S-01 (The Beach BOB)
« on: October 26, 2011, 20:45:51 »
I wanted to share an idea about the Beach BOB.  There are multiple check points at the beginning of LNoS, with more than a few scripts that get executed before you even enter the building.  I'm wondering if the insta-despawn behavior is occurring because the BOB script checks for an objective state that is not being met.

Lord Friendship has deduced that the insta-despawn behavior occurs when the BOB tries to spawn at the same time as the pier dropship is leaving.  And he's done so much work on that, I'm sure this is a correct observation.  But would it still happen if you never entered the launch facility, thereby triggering the first objective?

In that mission, you don't get an actual objective set up in your start menu until you walk into the base.  You can walk up to the DMRs, go visit and kill the wraith on the pier, and basically anything else you want to do without triggering an objective- provided you keep out of the base.  You do get a waypoint marker set, but if you check the start menu you'll see that there is no current objective.

So perhaps running into the building to get the rockets (thereby triggering the objective to get to the Sabers) is messing everything up.  The BOB might be spawning "out of order" of its intended sequence, the logic checks and sees that it should not have spawned, so it cleans itself up the second it spawns. 

I've had no luck getting the Beach BOB to spawn recently, but I'll keep trying.

LF, your input here will be invaluable if you can stomach talking about this darned BOB any more!

BOBs / Confirmation Video Now On YouTube: BOB 3-B-01
« on: October 25, 2011, 03:38:52 » <==

Video of the "ONI BOB" in the courtyard giving up the challenge "If It Bleeds..." is now live.

BOBs / Confirmation Video Now On YouTube: BOB 7-B-01
« on: October 25, 2011, 01:17:28 » <==

This is the classic BOB on Exodus.  I dug up the Golden Opportunity footage I recorded on 10/10 and posted it up.  At this point, we have confirmation videos on YouTube for all three BOBs that have been found there so far.  Each video has quick links to all three videos in their descriptions.

There could very well be more than three spawn points.  This is a simple, but time-consuming test.  Details in the Secret BOB Sauce post (steps 1-3).  

Please report your findings if you do any Sauce testing.

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