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Report In! / secret room found on firefight chasm ten
« on: April 18, 2010, 12:10:44 »
take a looksie at what this guy states

i`m thinking of testing it out but i have no clue where to try it at

Report In! / oliphant flipped *NOT FOUND BY ME*
« on: April 07, 2010, 20:15:04 »
ok quite a while ago some guy posted that his xbox had been stolen and is now being used for boosting being curious i took a look at the guys service record and found this vid

i got curious and checked  his fileshare for pics and voila i got one

i downloaded the vid and it was no mod dare drove into a truck which then flipped the oliphant sadly though none of them noticed until the oliphant had teleported back up.i attempted to try it but never got it done

Report In! / spartan lasers on alpha site firefight
« on: February 01, 2010, 16:16:03 »
many of you may remember my AR on firefight find well this time i found atleast two spartan lasers and health packs on alpha site sadly they are at the security zone area i don`t have enough space in my fileshare and my turn on the xbox is at 6:00 to 8:00 which in that time i shall get pics but none of them have me out there as i have not found anyway out

Report In! / NEW firefight glitch found =D proofz
« on: January 21, 2010, 23:41:56 »
the glitcher you all know is back and i`ve done it again and found yet another glitch or trick in odst

opening door on firefight crater both day and night i`ll be right back with the proof is acting up on me

i tried this on both tayari plaza and mombasa streets but it only works in firefight

proofz now up

ODST Fan Fiction / the darkness
« on: January 20, 2010, 18:20:23 »
this is my first story that i`m actually going to be posting i usually get quite a few in my head which later i forget  :laugh:

part 1

there is a little spark then some movement as a strange figure rises from the ground
"where am i"
the figure strolls through pitch-black halls with only the light of it`s visr to guide him no idea what was happening or where it was but it knew it could find answers sometime, a light shone somewhere as a barely operating camera turned to the figure as the light shone the figure was was a human the name too scraped to read. As the human felt his way through the now dark-filled hallway a sign of life was heard a rat a robot maybe another human or maybe something else, as the figure came into a hallway a glint of light showed yet another mysterious figure, he didn`t have time to tell what it was......suddenly the lights flash on revealing some crazy looking creature huge claws and all sorts of revolting body parts, it let out a massive shriek and vanished in an instant

"WHAT THE HELL!! was that" the human shouted

yet again did the lights go off revealing 5 glowing eyes, screams were heard and shrieks of the mystery creature then silence....the silence broke as the human loaded a pistol he found in his pocket

the end....for now

so tell me what you think should i also try to continue

Theorizers / you can (probably!) get on top of a phantom on LP
« on: January 17, 2010, 17:10:31 »
playing a match of firefight on lost platoon and drove over to the far chopper spawn i can try and draw a map

wraith spawn-------chopper spawn
]--------------warthog spawn
]--------------------------------character spawn
]--------------character spawn
]chopper spawn--------wraith spawn

yeah i know it`s crappy but hopefully you get what i mean well i drove straight at the phantom and noticed it is low enough for us to grenade jump off the warthog and hopefully get on top of it i failed many times because it was with a friend and we weren`t trying to glitch but we could probably get on it and maybe get out the map

Report In! / big post on maybe something found
« on: January 11, 2010, 14:41:59 »
Posted by: xXGuydoXx
You know, atarigen and I have been elevating to new areas (and old ones). We have definately made progress:

Tayari Plaza: At the first meetup with the marines, go left into the buildings door up the stairs, and just before exiting to outside, the SI says "School Zone. Slow down. Bill past due." Although this is not "new" information, the next part may be. While advancing up a door was unlocked, which we previously had not noticed. An LCD screen displays static in the room. Continuing to the uppermost catwalk, one may stand in the corner. If the volume is load enough, one can hear a string orchestra playing with some keys and a low hum. Furthermore, atarigen heard a music event when he picked up a nade next to the dead marine. (Possible Coincidences, I know.)

Mombasa Streets: It has come to our observation that one district (I believe 5?) has some interest: the district with a giant arcing piece of the space tether has three elephant garbage trucks. ONE of these is lit up and active. The tether appears to lead to a rooftop from nearby one of these trucks. When advancing all the way left, glyphs and one dead elite may be found near the large door. While walking parallel to this on the upper level next to the garbage truck, a "MAGICAL FLOATING LCD DISPLAY" is near the wall as if a Medstation is there. There is no med station, but Virgil mentions Optican.

Mombasa Streets: It seems that all inaccessible sectors are there for loading from memory during cinematics. Why: Zone 1 or 2 has one subway tunnel with fog and lighting effects for no reason. I don't understand that yet. The ELEVATOR from Data Hive is, however, accessible in-game. We have been there and elevatored about half way up and stood on the side. It looks to be exactly like the cinema scene, so we believe it serves no active purpose.

We are currently experimenting with elevators to off map locations. Any important finds will be shared.

look at the top music next to a static LCD screen, a magical floating LCD(i believe they bumped it) a online oliphant

EDIT: The link is here.  -CG

Report In! / mystery no AI enemies
« on: January 06, 2010, 20:27:03 »
i found these little fellas while strolling around mombasa in theater

what a lone stealth brute but these guys always come in groups and this guy wouldn`t move throughout the whole vid

hey i remember these guys but what are they doing so far away and why are they not moving either

both these screenshots were taken after leaving the crater district but the furthest i ventured was at the brutes i never went near the area

yes i`m sorry for not following the new rules and i may delete and re-post this tommorow but i just found this very confusing

Theorizers / grunt kills himself with needler rumour
« on: January 06, 2010, 17:02:16 »
i strolled through my recent posts to find that post again and i can happily provide the post but it was about eastereggs and the guy said a grunt kills himself with a needler near the first brutes you see but i have never spotted it

anyone saw this?

Report In! / strange thing
« on: December 27, 2009, 16:15:00 »
i`m talking to a guy on about something and he mentioned about spilling the blood of(maybe he never said) elites i think well he messaged this when i asked locations of some of the areas and he answered with this

Posted by: name removed for safety
 havnt found any on Mombasa streets yet. I have found one on kizingo blvd. And one on data hive. The one on data hive was a glitch in the game I believe because I was walking down the second foggy hall and the door that wAs normaly locked was showing up green. Do what I did but there was a full carbine in it. Thee one on kizingo blvd was off to the left I believe after the second big open area and there was a rocket launcher in it. The third one was the one on page 4 I think it was of the thread about this. I have heard from many people that there was nothing in it but I found an AR. The weapons appear to be random as well as the room locations. The dificulty may play a role in this as well.

now the last area is that area you could get in with glyphs but he got in by spilling the blood of some dead thing and he is saying that there was an AR inside

now i am too kind to tell him VOIDO but this seems a bit like a lie but we should still check this out

Report In! / wow look at this
« on: December 24, 2009, 23:05:12 »
strolling the ODST forum and found a thread with this in it

now to the guy this looked like an elite but to me it looks like a krogan of mass effect(which is awsome BTW) and others think it looks like a king kong reference

here is the thread

what do you think that dark shadow thing looks like

credits go to Corrupted Alex for finding and posting this

Theorizers / is it possible to dumpster fly on odst
« on: December 22, 2009, 13:20:45 »
i remember flying in halo 3 and would like to know does it still work now me and scat tried but he gave up just as we got into the air and i fell to my watery death  :(

Report In! / friendly oliphant glitch/easteregg
« on: December 22, 2009, 13:08:20 »
recently i tried doing the moving phantom glitch but it didn`t work but i did find this

in this vid i get back across the barrier and find the oliphant is still there and still shows the green glow around it in visr mode

it is also movable but i couldn`t get to it because the dumb AA wraith wreckage was blocking me off but i could move it so if we deleted that AA wraith the oliphant might be able to be pushed with a wraith from behind if you leave the wraith at the back and get a scorpion or other vehicle to get back through the barrier

anybody able to check this out  ;D

it says dr halsey died in 2552

now in the loading screen of odst at the start it says the year is 2552 if i`m correct but she died on reach yet reach was glassed years ago

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