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Halo CE General Discussion / 6 newish maps! 6 new radios?
« on: October 19, 2011, 21:42:40 »
* Beaver Creek / Battle Canyon
* Hang 'Em High / High Noon

* Damnation / Penance

* Timberland / Ridgeline
* Prisoner / Solitary

* Headlong / Breakneck

Intel / Bungie glitch or something else...
« on: August 17, 2011, 20:46:29 »
I went to change my avatar and saw this..

My version...

New game character?

It for sure looks like a buff guy with energy powers of some kind.

If you want to see for yourself try and change your avatar on Bnet and as it loads you will see a flash of this image..

Intel / Moa Jewel
« on: August 03, 2011, 17:38:09 »
Needless to say I hate Moa's but luckily there was a challenge that fueled my fire of hate and so the hunt began. On my 5th confirmed Moa kill on WC I stumbled upon a unique Moa that had a mysterious jewel attached to it.

Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Rendered by Spec Ops Scout!:

The clip shows the jewel and how it glimmers and shines. It is very interesting.

I have only noticed it on this Moa, maybe keeping it alive and following it around might do something...

Work-In-Progress (Halo: Reach) / 343 avatars
« on: July 21, 2011, 17:22:24 »
I know everyone has their own thing going on but if you are looking for a change of pace or you simply want to unwind, then by all means join in this fun.

343 is currently in beta and we (People that go to the site) are going to see some changes, one being more Avatars (o)_(9) and I loom me some avatars!!!

I think most of the updating and significant changes will be do just before the Halo: CE release and they are going to want CE/ H4 related avatars. If you are interested, when the time comes I am going to approach BS Angel with the SGP package of Avatars when she gives me the word and ask if she could give SGP/ credit instead of the individuals that contribute (Even if it is just me).

Halo: CE is as you know coming in November so I think by September/ October these should be ready.
Little guys (and girls)

Old school Halo (8-bit)

MC - 343

Red - 343

Blue - 343

Major league Grunting

MC helmet

Intel / Found something..
« on: July 18, 2011, 02:26:01 »
I am sure some one will steal my thunder on this and claim that they found this 100 years ago or they knew about it and thought it was dumb...but oh well, I was excited so I am posting it!

its not rendered.

The clip is 3+ minutes long.
LNOS - any difficulty works
 Starts at the control room after entering the coordinates for fuel docking, at which point the covenant storm the bridge. ( I started the clip from here because I killed an Elite with a box and got a vehicle kill) Anyways Once you return the the Pelican you CAN get inside it and use the gun mounted to the front of it....that's all.

Intel / Mini Spartan Ninjas
« on: July 14, 2011, 21:33:04 »

This glitch allows you to take the falcon of Noble Team in mission The Package.
But If you miss the time to abord the falcon... You can get the MINI FALCON!

Now if you want know how to do the complete glitch:
For this glitch are required at last 2 players but with more than two players Emile and Jun aren't in the falcon. Is possible do it in all difficulties
Step 1 Clear the area keep alive the ODST
Step 2 Move the crate (Banshee EE)
Step 3 Take the Scorpion with the ODST on
Step 4 Kill ALL Covenant in the zone
Step 5 Destroy the Tyrant Turret BRAVO
Step 6 Kill the Covenant in the other turret ( if necessary )
Step 7 Player 1 go in the place where was moved the crate in step 2
Step 8 Player 2 leave the Scorpion in front of the turret ensuring that ODST shot the turret
Step 9 Player 2 go in the place where turn on the first switch for the Banshee Easter Eggs
Step 10 Wait for the ODST break the turret. Player 2 activate the switch and then commits suicide
Step 11 Player 1 activate the switch and run in the house with banshees (the player 2 spawn here)
Step 12 Take the banshee and fly using boost at Sword Base
Step 13 Land in sword Base and create a barricade with the banshee ( not necessary )
Step 14 Aborde the Falcon and get off Carter from the cockpit ( Note: if you miss the right time to abordar the falcon you'll get this - Step 17 )
Step 15 Now you can pilot the falcon and have Emile, Jun and Carter with you!
Step 16 You can continue normally the mission and get 2 Emile, 2 Carter and 2 Jun. ( Note: The Spartan clones are fatal and after they die, they can rise with a gun )
Step 17 If you miss the time to abord the falcon... You can get the MINI FALCON!


Intel / Exodus doors
« on: July 13, 2011, 17:42:05 »
I was messing around on Exodus this morning (LASO) which is too F'n hard if you ask me and I noticed a few thing on Check point Bravo.

First (and I know its not new) the few doors that open and enemies come out of, these doors are locked per the key pad with the numbers on it, so why can they be opened? I ran around to check other doors and most of THEM say they a unlocked but do not open...weird. If you shoot the key pad it makes it look like the key pad lights up a darker blue, probably nothing but what ever...

Something is here on Exodus I just know it...

1.) WC - Get the falcon and break the barrier on the broken bridge.
2.) Nightfall - Rock climbing
3.) Long Night of Solace - Get to the top of Countdown. Try to get to places that have not be attempted. Possibly attempt to get a seraph.
4.) The Package - Destroy the AA guns while still getting the Banshees and finish the mission. try and get the Banshees inside Sword base and investigate Glacier.
5. ) The Pillar of Autumn - Back track the mission and heavily investigate the area.

If you are interested in helping with any of these let me know. I should be getting my HD by the end of this week.

Halo Reach General Discussion / Jorge's visor
« on: July 11, 2011, 17:55:24 »
I may have been seeing thing or maybe my TV sucks but I swear I saw Jorge's Visor change colors from yellow/gold to red.

This can be easily checked.

Start Noble actual, when everyone is heading out of the bunker to board the falcons look at Jorge's visor. When I saw it I assumed that maybe the Sun/ Light just hit it the right way or maybe there is a active/ non active option.

Take a look when you have time and let me know what you think.

Halo Reach General Discussion / GRD/ BOB helmet discussion
« on: July 11, 2011, 17:54:56 »
Codes found on LNOS

UNSC GRD M142008.
GRD M01408-G

Possible meanings

The ASCII code for capital M is 77
M14 = DMR
G = 7th letter in the alphabet.

GRD = 7-14-04 (Epic connection)

7-14-04 = On July 18th, 2004, was launched and gave way to more questions to Halo fans.


 2.1. Ground Resolved Distance
     Photogrammetric were measuring spatial resolution of aerial photographs using empirical methods long before the first scanning sensor was placed in orbit. These methods integrated properties of the imaging system with the other external factors that determine spatial resolution. Ground resolved distance (GRD) is the parameter of most interest, because it measures the applicability of an image to a specific task. The GRD of an image is defined as the dimensions of the smallest discernible object. The GRD is a function of geometry (altitude, focal length of optics), equipment (internal system spatial resolution of the camera or scanner) and also on reflectance characteristics of the object compared to its surroundings (contrast).

     Performance of a film, film and camera, or deployed aerial photography system is measured empirically using standard targets that consist of black-and-white bars of graduated widths and spacing's (figure 6-9 in Slater et al. 1983). The area-weighted average resolution (AWAR) in lp/mm (line-pairs/mm) at the film plane is determined by measuring the smallest set of line pairs that can be discriminated on an original film negative or transparency. Line pairs are quoted because it is necessary to discriminate between one object and another, to detect it and measure it.

     Film resolving power is measured by manufacturers under standard photographic conditions (also in lp/mm, e.g. Smith and Anson 1968, Eastman Kodak Company 1998) at high contrast (object/background ratio 1000/1) and low contrast (object/background ratio 1.6/1). Most terrestrial surfaces recorded from orbit are low-contrast, for the purpose of estimating resolving power of film. Kodak no longer measures film resolving power for non-aerial photographic films (Karen Teitelbaum, Eastman Kodak Company, personal comm..), including films that NASA routinely uses for Earth photography.

     AWAR can be measured for the static case of film and camera, or for the camera-aircraft system in motion. For example, AWAR for the National Aerial Photography Program includes effects of the lens, resolving power of original film, image blur due to aircraft motion, and spatial resolution of duplicating film (Light 1996). Given AWAR for a system in motion, the GRD can be calculated by trigonometry (see equation A2 3 in section 5in the Appendix, d = 1/AWAR and D = GRD).

     An impediment to similar rigorous measurement of GRD for orbital remote sensing systems is the lack of a target of suitable scale on the ground; thus, spatial resolution for most orbiting sensors is described in terms of a less all-encompassing measure, instantaneous field of view (see below). Additional challenges to measuring AWAR for a complete astronaut photography system include the number of different options for aspects of the system including different cameras, films, and orbital altitudes. These elements that must be standardized to determine AWAR provide a useful list of those characteristics of astronaut photography that will most influence GRD.

Halo Reach General Discussion / Unlocking something
« on: July 08, 2011, 19:04:51 »
If you guys remember correctly in Halo 3 when trying to find the Catch skull on the mission "The Storm", the way to unlock to skull was to kill one of the Wraiths and leave the other one untouched. If you killed one of them the skull would appear, but if you killed them both the skull disappears completely.

I am wondering if there is anything that might change during normal game play by using this old tactic to uncover something.

Basically do a mission DON'T kill enemy vehicles and maybe back track to see if there is any changes or check around the area where vehicles are and see if there are any changes..

Just a thought.

During TLNoS there is a Wraith and by surviving 5 waves of never ending Covey attacks a Drop ship comes down. The occupant quickly disappears, maybe the wraith is connected some how?

Intel / Free Star plate
« on: June 13, 2011, 22:29:42 »

Calling all BIG TEAM BATTLE experts!

The BTB ALL STARS playlist will be available for a limited time starting on 6/24/2011. This playlist will feature Triple Jackpots and players who compete in this playlist will be rewarded with a Star nameplate in-game.

To qualify for entry into the BTB ALL STARS playlist, you must play at least 5 games in the INVASION playlist between 6/13/2011 and 6/20/2011.

Work-In-Progress (Halo: Reach) / Poster collecting
« on: May 24, 2011, 21:52:21 »
I have tried to search the WEB but I can't find any pictures of the in game posters. If you could grab a few pictures of the posters during campaign, that would be awesome.

Halo Reach General Discussion / Solo Discoveries
« on: May 20, 2011, 17:58:11 »
As most of you know I do not have a hard drive so I really cant back up anything that I am about to discuss.


Before heading into space there is the never ending battle at the beach. I was getting close to leveling up one of my commendations so I hung down with the marines for about 3-4 waves. Then I noticed a drop pod fall from the sky, I thought it was weird...then I thought it might be a BoB....but I received no medal, I reloaded and tried again and The pod came back down in the same spot. Unfortunately I didn't notice anything come out of it. After fooling around I decided on heading on in the main building (Where the huge hole is looking down at the Wraith) and felt like push Kat out of it. She didn't mind. In doing this I seemed to have glitched Jorge into a wall..It was pretty funny. That's about it for LNos...

Green: This is where the Marines drop in on the pelican.
Red: This is where the Covenant drops in.
Blue: this is where the POD comes down.


Loaded check point Charlie. I was attempting to try and take over a Falcon...I didn't work but something funny happened. I took the high ground and threw grenades down at the bull frogs, then all hell broke loose, the ODST, marines and falcons all turned on each other. It was pretty epic. After the fight I hoped in the less damaged of the two falcons and took the ride down to the last part. After activating 1 of the 2 switched I tried to get in the Falcon that lays down support for you. I jet packed on top of it and tried to EMP it....It didn't work so I punched the cockpit and a dead marine flew out, I thought it was 1 of the 2 gunners but it was actually the pilot...although the Falcon was still flying...after killing the other 2 gunners I found it impossible to take over the falcon so I gave up.


I attempted to gain access to a falcon, I tried it where you first meet a group of Elites, after the small fight the falcon comes down to pick up Emile and Kat. As it landed I jumped on top of it and waited to EMP it after it gained a little height. After the EMP we all went flying into a hill where the invisible pilot ejected, Kat flew off the screen and Emile stood on the wing. I was pretty pissed when I still couldn't get inside the Falcon...STILL. So I tried to destroy it and oddly enough 90% of the Falcon was invisible...but I managed to find the 10% that wasn't, the cockpit windshield..After a melee and a few shots the Falcon exploded with Emile on top. I though that I had vaporized him but then he magically appeared back near the dead elites from earlier. Wait?! I wonder would he come with me for the rest of the mission? I ran over to Carter and Jorge, grabbed the car (Jorge jumped in), left Carter behind and drove back up to Emile. EMILE JUMPED IN! I was pretty surprised so we all continued soon as we hit a check point Emile disappeared. :(

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