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Report In! / The Engineer in Halo 3: ODST has a name.
« on: August 09, 2014, 22:55:01 »
Yea you know the Engineer. We called Virgil. Its actually called Quick to Adjust.

This was announced on Halo Waypoint by the mysterious Catalog figure.

Just something you lot may like to know cause ODST was what brought us all originally together.

SGP Task Force: Ghost Chasers / General Glyph Study
« on: September 12, 2013, 11:11:37 »
I am currently doing a study on the glyphs its not finished yet, but anyway. Best to prepare a thread here for my results.

In my study I should be able to say

How many Glyphs in total in the streets
Total Glyphs in Momassa Streets:261

How many Glyphs per district
District 0:25
District 3:30
District 4:47
District 5:31
District 6:108
District 8:15
District 9:12
District 10:18

How many of a certain type of Glyph they are.
Basic Glyph:109
Glyph A:97
Glyph B:42
Basic Circle:1
Super Circle:7
Super B Glyph:5
Super Triglyph:1

Direction of most glyphs(excluding most on the floor sadly as they can be any direction)
See file I will add

Give a good location where to find most if not all glyphs as they usually have notable locations
Have a map of every Glyph map may be a edits of scats old superglyph map. But it helped me get to the locations easier.

Still need to do Bonus work if I get to it
Glyphs in Kikowani Station
Glyphs in legendary cutscene

Quick question, does anyone here think Glyph Direction means anything. Doing a huge count of Glyphs including directions, types so on, would be a shame if it was pointless.

ODST General Discussion / Redoing stuff
« on: September 09, 2013, 08:41:56 »
After a big look around some cool and old stuff we have done is not here anymore. Probably due to lots of moving which I understand.
But a lot of research into the glyphs are gone. Counts and so on.
And lots of other stuff.

May be useful and for getting back into the swing of things.

I am personally making a map of the glyphs and counting them again as I cant actually find it now. And if there is anything else that you note that is missing it may be an idea if you think its important, please make a note of it and post it. :D

Report In! / Well heres something that a site noted
« on: September 01, 2013, 22:55:39 »
Near the bottom is this thing called Super code. Not sure where it is or how to find it. But I just thought I would point it out. Because its a good point to show.

Halo CE General Discussion / Halo Anniversary achievements
« on: October 15, 2011, 00:15:01 »
While I'm on a phone I can't link them but I'll tell you guys that the achievements for halo anniversary was shown to us.

You may know there's terminals but there's also skulls.

I see a challenge but if we can find the skulls first in a good way, then maybe that will help us become well known.

Report In! / Weaponless Grunt
« on: March 08, 2011, 21:58:47 »
I was playing Halo ODST after a long break of it and played firefight.
While I was playing firefight I blew up a phantoms turret and didn't get the points for killing the Grunt on the turret.
I continued playing and dying then gave up. Then I went to theater mode to watch my 2 minate vid.
I found out that the grunt survived and landed but without a weapon.
It didn't go and attack me and despawned later on by what I think the time the phantoms despawned.
I'll take pics of this grunt.

Even though this may lead to nowhere I thought it was kinda cool.

In the New Halo Reach Map Pack there is hidden Radios this is a guide to find them. But I need help to tell what they say as I'm not good at type of stuff.
4 found so far but I have reasonto believe that there is seven.

Tempest Radio
Radio 1
Area on Map:Wreckage
Where:Under the downed Longsword
Pic:Tempest Radio
What it says: The conversation is split in 4 parts.

Premo:Just who the hell made this thing lieutenant, huh, who?
Lieutenent:Knowing who made it doesn't help us through this, we got to figure how they made it and how it works.

Premo:Well not us 'us' right?
Lieutenent:Yea Premo, preferably not us 'us'.

Premo:If we box everything up in this place, hell if we drove the whole damn thing bring back to earth.
Lieutenent:I never figure you for preferable reason, Money and time thats all it'll take, money and time.
Premo:Money we got, but time is something we can't count on, Oh yea and brains might help too.

Lieutenent:Don't worry we got the brainpower.
Premo:Figure the ONI eggheads are going to be able to figure this all out and maybe whats the matter?
Lieutenent:They gotta if they can't we're kinda screwed.
Premo:*Ha Ha thats the best of us

Anchor 9 Radio's
Radio 2
Area on Map:Weapons Wing
Where:Next to a UNSC Sabre Weapons sign and on top of a control pad type box.
Pic:Anchor 9 Radio 1
What it says:

Breakpoint Radio
Radio 3
Area on Map:The Hub
Where:In a Corner inside the hub
Pic:Breakpoint Radio
What it says:

Radio 4
Area on Map:Research Centre
Where:In a corner facing the window
What is says:

Halo Reach General Discussion / Halo Virus Website was Real!
« on: October 08, 2010, 18:22:28 »
You guys remember the website that gave people viruses.... Something is happening on it.

Websites Removed
Websites Removed

We need to look into this...

P.S. I havn't fully looked into this yet but it looks offical...

Multiplexer Best Results so far
Frequancy Scalar -2
Amplitude Scalar 5

Frequancy Scalar 1
Amplitude Scalar 5

Work-In-Progress (Halo: Reach) / Map of Reach
« on: October 05, 2010, 21:14:56 »
With the Halo Reach Limited Edition we got a map of Reach.
But I saw the map is incomplete because of the mission Long night of Solace where a hologram of the planet reach is spinning.

So what I'm asking is can we try to map reach out and make a map so we can map where the missions are...

Forge / New Griffball Map Visum
« on: October 02, 2010, 23:08:30 »
Visum made by me
This map is a 4v4 Griffball map. I'm gonna try to get it in the Halo Reach Playlists if I can but I need tester's.
I need to know if the map is fun, good and if it's a nice map to play in.

A Griffball varient not made by me.
Please note that this is a almost finished product and there may be bug's in places there's not ment to be.

Also Visum means the view in latin.

Halo Reach General Discussion / Halo Reach White cube and two balls
« on: September 28, 2010, 22:52:47 »
White cube.
Two balls

In the mission Long night of solace there is a white cube and two balls.
To find them you...
1)Start a Long night of Solace Mission Start.
2)End the game and head to theater.
3)Start the film
4)Pause the film rewind to the start and Press B then Y then move around.
5)Look under the Sabre building.

Also I have no idea what they do and there solid so I can't enter them.

Intel / Spartan in Mark VI Armor in Lonewolf
« on: September 27, 2010, 21:13:53 »
I was on Roosterteeth's website when I found this... video
Well I tryed this to make sure it wasn't a hoax and it worked.
Pics will come soon....

Halo Reach General Discussion / Halo Reach Radio Transmissions
« on: September 20, 2010, 15:26:07 »
In the Halo Reach Beta there was a Radio on Overlook that made a Transmission.
The transmission below.
Transmission #1
Blue Delta, this is Dragon X-Ray.  We are on the ground and [three Mikes out?] from the objective, over.
Dragon X-Ray, be advised that you are the only UNSC ground asset in that grid.

Transmission #2
Say again, Blue Delta.  We've got movement due east- that should be Strike Red, over.
That's a negative Dragon X-Ray.  I say again: be advised that you are the only UNSC asset in that area.

Transmission #3
Roger, Blue Delta.  We're picking up that movement again due east.  You got something to soften it up?
You got a location, Dragon X-Ray?

Transmission #4
Grid as follows: Whiskey Delta 1574 1712, over.
I copy Whiskey Delta 1574 1712.

Transmission #5
That is correct.  Request immediate support from any assets on station, over.
Dragon X-Ray, it looks like all I've got available at this time is the UNSC Aegis Fate.

Transmission #6
Blue Delta, is the Aegis Fate wet navy?.
Negative, Dragon. She's currently listed as a XO asset- a frigate.

Transmission #7
Whoa! We are less than a click from the target area, Blue Delta.  We ain't that desperate for help.
Understood, Dragon X-Ray.  Give 'em hell out there and good luck.

The Radio transmissions are still in Reach and there's ones in Campaign and ones in Multiplayer maps.
Maybe if we get this done we can finally work out the Data pad easier. Or get what happens on Reach easier.

Note to take the Overlook one has changed.

Halo Reach General Discussion / Halo Reach Invasion Theme
« on: September 14, 2010, 19:38:49 »
Through the desruction of Reach people don't look at Halo Reach in the Game Marketplace much.

But... When I looked as I don't have Reach yet I saw a free Halo Reach Theme.

Halo Reach Invasion Theme.

It's kinda cool and might go up in price soon so download it soon SGP before it fall's too.

When I entered Coastal Highway for fun and I looked at the map I noticed that the top part of District 10 was open and i wondered why.

No way to see or enter District 10 throughout Coastal Highway.

May this lead to a new easteregg I do not know.

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