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Destiny Beta
« on: July 28, 2014, 23:03:22 »
Apologies in advance, this will be a bit of a word vomit. My thoughts on:

Its interesting to me that the story we have seen in the Beta seems geared towards your Guardian being the most important, the one who turns the tide, etc. The way your Ghost and the Speaker act after you kill the Archon in the second mission tell me that you aren't an average Guardian. I don't think this is bad, I just wasn't expecting it.

Sparrows. Oh how I love the Sparrows. The handling is perfect, they sound just like a pod racer. The action of summoning a Sparrow is so smooth, and you can do it and be on your way without breaking stride. Also, I like how Bungie made a vehicle very similar to a Purple and it handles nothing like a Purple!

The social interactions are brilliant. All your communication needs are nearly covered by pointing, dancing, waving, and sitting (the d-pad lets you point forward, left, right, and hold a fist up for hold while on a Sparrow). Making fireteams is so easy to do as well by clicking the right stick to target other players. Very happy with this.

Spaceships are plentiful and varied. I'm in love.

You can use any weapon in you inventory in a Crucible match. I don't know what black magic Bungie is doing behind the scenes to balance the primary weapons, but somehow it works. The balance for switching secondary and heavy weapons is elegantly simple: you can do it, but you won't have ammo for it.

You can summon Sparrows in the Crucible. I'm happy.

Small UI complaint. While I love the navy color used for Alpha team, it gets hard to see the progress bar for the team's points in the bottom right on the dark background.

Right now, I'm hopeful that our characters might possibly maybe transfer over. The Destiny companion app still lets you check all the stats, view your inventory, and even see the 3D preview of your Guardian. the fact that the data is still all stored on a server and is accessible has my hopes up.
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Re: Destiny Beta
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2014, 00:19:14 »
Question to everyone here. When the full game comes out. Are you going to keep the original outfit or dismantle it. Cause I have reason to believe that the original outfit is one of a kind. Only way to get it is from the start of the game.
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Re: Destiny Beta
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2014, 15:26:19 »
The singleplayer is really cool: I love how it's made to look and feel like an RPG by adding small things, like how the hud tells how much damage you are doing, the names of the bosses hanging over them an so on. I also love how the HUD is very simplified and doesn't get on your way while playing. Oh, and the radar! I never thought a vaguer radar could be more interesting. :D

The social aspect is awesome, though I don't like it how my mate I just met vanishes to thin air abruptly. I guess I should have put them on my fireteam or something...

Multiplayer is at least as cool as well: I only played a few matches (I didn't have time for more (WHYYY did the XBox beta start so late?! I only had friday night to play the damn thing -_-)), but it was super fun running and sliding with my awesome pulse gun. Did you know you can charge the gun while sliding? Halo multiplayer is starting to feel dull for me, and even though Destiny has a same kind of feel to it, it was so different and so exiting for me. Can't wait!

Still, I think I'm a bit scared. I mean, I feel like Destiny is truly a mouthful for Bungie: will they truly be able to pull it off cleanly? Or even worse, could it somehow not find it's audience and not ever really become popular, sinking down in a year or two? :/ I truly hope not: so far Destiny seems like an amazing combination of MMORPG and FPS spiced with all kinds of awesome things.

Like sitting.
Seriously, how cool is that? You can sit in the Crudible too! Think how awesome it is to conquer an area while SITTING.
Just- wow.

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Re: Destiny Beta
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2014, 06:56:27 »
I found it enjoyable, but the Beta was only a taste for me. To get a full idea I'm gonna have to wait until launch, but I like what I see so far.

Still, I think I'm a bit scared.
This is exactly how I feel! A majority of those I talk to are trembling with excitement toward's this game's release, yet I just don't know how I'll react. There's several things I'll have to adjust to with the frenetic game flow. I want to be excited, but I just can't.

In terms of the negatives (my favorite!), I dislike how you can only chat with your fireteam. The size limit of them is understandable, but I wish there was an option to switch between in-game chat and fireteams. It's like being in a Xbox Live party in-game only and with fewer people.

The scenery in game looks gorgeous, but I struggled to find ammo throughout it! Maybe it's something I didn't adapt to, but I hated having to lay low during a group firefight or have to wait for minions to spawn during those boss fights.

Also that Rail-gun-esque secondary is hella hard to use. Bungie pls fix your game.

And in regards to whoever wondered about the Beta profile transferring to the full game, I understand that this isn't happening. But give it a month or two after launch and it won't even cross your mind  :P
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