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Halo 3: ODST >> Zombielites v1.9
« on: September 08, 2010, 06:20:29 »
Zombielites (Elite Resurrection)
Guide by Scatcycle and the SGP
>> Image Courtesy of ColdGlider <<

Table of Contents
I.Elite Resurrection
III.How To "Resurrect" Elites
V.SGP Guide Update Procedure

I. Elite Resurrection
First reported by Scatcycle and ODST Glitcher (also known as the SGP KIDZ), Elite Resurrection is the act of changing an Elite's position from lying down dead to what appears to be a combat stance.  To date, this has been accomplished by detonating a large pile of fragmentation grenades over dead Elites, who after wildly flying due to the explosion land on their feet.  The grenades are obtained as the result of successive player killing (betrayal).

Some pictures of Zombielites:

Two Zombielites that have been resurrected

As you can see, they appear to hold an assault rifle

Four Zombielites can be seen here

1. Does this work on other bodies?
To date, this has only worked on Elites.

2. How many betrayals does it take to accumulate the required amount of grenades?
Although it is possible to cause Elite Resurrection with two betrayals, it is much easier (and, because of that, well-advised) to do it with fifteen betrayals. If the Elite doesn't land standing up after the explosion, a melee attack usually does it.

3. What color outline do the elites show on VISR mode?  Green or red?
Neither.  The outline does not appear in any "special" color.

Scatcycle identifies the elite as neither friendly 'nor hostile

4. Can one walk through Zombielites?

5. Are Zombielites "alive"?  Do they move or make any noise?
No, Zombielites are not "alive".  They do appear to be in a "Combat Stance", but do not exhibit any "normal" signs of life.

6. Can the player interact with a Zombielite in any way?
The only known interaction is the change of the Zombielite's facing direction with a melee attack.

7. Do Zombielites look just like the Elites in Halo 3?
Yes, they appear to be the same.

8. Do Zombielites make a sound when they fall?
No, they are silent.

9. Can I make Zombielites using explosions from sources other than grenades?
Currently, using grenades is the only method discovered which causes the behavior.

10. Can Elites be "resurrected" while playing Solo?
No.  (See #9 above.)  The quantity of fragmentation grenades has been proven to be too great to be obtained and piled up by a single player.

11. What weapon do these elites appear to be holding?
They appear to be holding an assault rifle.

12. If you resurrect these elite on top of weapons do they grab them?
No, they don't.

13. I've tried about a gruntillion times but it still wont work!
You are most likely accidentally sending the Elite away with the first grenade you throw. Try throwing your grenades evenly and at the same time, so that the corpse won't even have time to fly away.

14. What happens if you throw an incendiary grenade at the resurrected elite?
Nothing. Just a burning elite corpse.




A 1600x1200 image collage of the incendiary grenade test can be seen here.

III. How to resurrect Elites
Step 1: Player 1 positions himself on top of the dead Elite's body.
Step 2: Player 2 betrays Player 1.
Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 fourteen more times. Fragmentation grenades should be piling up on the dead Elite.

Plinth not needed

Step 4: Both players step back and each throws one fragmentation grenade (at the same time) to detonate the entire pile of grenades.

Tip 1: It is a good idea to move the Elite bodies to a confined space so the first explosion doesn't launch the body too far from the pile of grenades.

Tip 2: If after the explosion the Elites are still not standing, then hit them with a melee attack.

And your done! Watch the elites as they fly into the air and land standing!

IV. Anomalies
1: Scatcycle and ODST Glitcher were trying to resurrect an Assault Elite but it didn't work.  ODST Glitcher meleed the Elite, which then began to stand.   When the Elite finished standing, it ended up inside of Scatcycle's ODST character. It was coincidence that the elite stood up in the same location that Scatcycle was in.

2: It is impossible to resurrect elites that aren't on the level "Mombasa Streets".

V. Guide Update Procedure
Guides are initially submitted to the SGP Forum's "Work-In-Progress" board in a post by the author.  They are then discussed, edited, and approved by SGP members.  When the first edition is ready, it is copied to this "SGP Guides" board.  Although this SGP Guide post is read-only, the author's original submission post is left open in the WIP board so that future emendations can be made.

If you would like to propose an emendation to this GUIDE (correction, addition, etc.), the WIP topic can be found here.

VI. Sources
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