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SGP >> Terminology and Jargon v2.0
« on: November 24, 2009, 22:00:06 »
SGP Guide: Terminology and Jargon used by Team SGP
Version 2.1 by ColdGlider

Like any field of study, the SGP comes with its own lexicon of terminology and just plain jargon.  This FAQ is intended to grow into a reference for the uninitiated and/or unfamiliar.  The terms listed here are not specific to one game, although some may be specific to a particular game franchise (like Halo).

Q: Why use jargon?
A: Some of the terms below are merely abbreviations, which are faster for members to use while posting.  In some cases, terms are required for accuracy so that everyone is sure what specific area or game mode is being referenced.  In other cases, members simply happened upon a word they liked and it stuck.  A common language is a cultural bond.  The SGP has its own culture, and it naturally follows that our "language" is part of what keeps us together.  Since you're reading this, you likely have some level of interest in our culture.  Welcome!  Please read on to figure out what in the heck we're all talking about!

Q:  What is with the [link] thing after each term?
A:  The [link] at the end of each entry is an actual hyperlink directly to that specific entry in this document.  If someone asks what a term means and it is listed here, you can use the [link] to refer them to it.  Simply click the [link].  A new browser window/tab will appear containing a URL specific to the entry.  Copy it and paste it into your message, preferably inside a [url] BBCode tagset or an HTML <a> tagset.

Q:  I've been around for a while and there are terms missing here.  How can I get them included?
A:  Please post to "Inquiries" if you would like to request an addition to the list.

SGP Terms

Bump:  Halo 3: ODST  The act of removing objects (notably doors) from the ODST game environment through use of "Bump Glitching".  See this post and this video.  [link]

CM:xx:  Halo 3: ODST  Abbreviation for a specific campaign mission.  e.g. "CM:TP" for the "Tayari Plaza" mission.  The full list of these abbreviations:
CM:PD = Campaign Mission: Prepare to Drop
CM:TP = Campaign Mission: Tayari Plaza
CM:UR = Campaign Mission: Uplift Reserve
CM:KB = Campaign Mission: Kizingo Blvd.
CM:OA = Campaign Mission: ONI Alpha Site
CM:NH = Campaign Mission: NMPD HQ
CM:KS = Campaign Mission: Kikowani Stn.
CM:DH = Campaign Mission: Data Hive
CM:CH = Campaign Mission: Coastal Highway
CM:MS = Campaign Mission: Mombasa Streets

D@x:  Abbreviation indicating the difficulty at which a reported action was performed.  e.g. "Moved three plinths into Squidhenge, D@L" indicates that the mission difficulty was set to Legendary at the time.  The four valid values are therefore:
D@E (aka "Doe")
D@N (aka "Don")
D@H (aka "Doh!")
D@L (aka "Doll")

Dxx:  Halo 3: ODST  Abbreviation for a specific district in New Mombasa using its District Number.  e.g. "D05" for District 05 (the starting area for a new campaign.) See District Number for the complete list of valid abbreviations.  [link]

Dark Area:  Halo 3: ODST  Any area in a campaign level which appears in the VISR map as darkened.  These are usually intended to be inaccessible by players, although a few exceptions occur.  The notable dark areas are the entirety of D02 and D07 as well as the majority of D01.  Much of D09 is also dark.  During the normal campaign, parts of D05 become dark depending on the player's state of progression through the city.  (All of D05 becomes accessible during the "Mombasa Streets" campaign mission.)  The primary goal of the SGP "Black Ops" task force led by VsH Tepec Fett is to gain access to the dark areas.  This has been partially accomplished, yet D02 and D07 remain entirely impenetrable.  A dark area map by Vsh Tepec Fett is available here.  [link]

DD:  Halo 3: ODST  Abbreviation for District Door.  [link]

District Door:  Halo 3: ODST  These are the large double doors which you must pass through to enter a different district.  Abbreviated "DD" or "DDs" for plural.  Note that districts are sometimes erroneously referred to as "sectors" or "zones".  District Doors cause loading to occur when passed through initially, and then each time they are passed though when that district has been unloaded from the game's memory.  A map of these doors with unique IDs for referring to them is located here.  Not all DDs are unlocked, and many are partially or even completely inaccessible.  [image] [link]

District Number:  Halo 3: ODST  The ID number of a district within the City of New Mombasa Hub.  These are seen on the walls within the given district.  Note that districts are often mistakenly referred to as "sectors" or "zones".  Eleven numbered districts appear in ODST along with a twelfth section for ONI.  The abbreviations for these are:
D00 = District 00
D01 = District 01 (briefly playable at the beginning of CM:CH)
D02 = District 02 (visible on the VISR map as a "dark area" and denoted in the POGG)
D03 = District 03
D04 = District 04
D05 = District 05
D06 = District 06
D07 = District 07 (visible on the VISR map as a "dark area" and denoted in the POGG)
D08 = District 08
D09 = District 09
D10 = District 10
ONI = ONI area (adjacent to D10)

Data Hive Lockdown (DHL):  Halo 3: ODST  The limitation of movement in Mombasa Streets that occurs when the seventh game mission has been completed and the entrance to the Data Hive mission is activated.  The DHL will lock the user in the district corresponding to the seventh completed mission (i.e. the district you'd normally appear in after the completion of that mission.)  The one exception to this rule is that completing the ONI Alpha Site mission will allows you to technically traverse two districts (ONI and D10) but these two areas together pale in size to most other standalone districts.  Below is the list of which district the DHL will apply to based on the last completed mission:
  • Tayari Plaza: D05
  • Uplift Reserve: D09
  • Kizingo Blvd: D04
  • ONI Alpha Site: ONI + D10
  • NMPD HQ: D03
  • Kikowani Stn: D00
In a normal campaign mission you will not have the option to end on Tayari Plaza or Uplift Reserve since these missions are prerequisites for unlocking access to Districts 06 and beyond.  This changes when you begin the "Mombasa Streets" mission after having completed the game once.  In that case, you will begin in the streets with six active missions.  [link]

FF:xx:  Halo 3: ODST  Abbreviation for a specific Firefight mission.  e.g. "FF:LP" for the "Lost Platoon" mission.  The full list of these abbreviations:
FF:CR = Firefight Mission: Crater
FF:LP = Firefight Mission: Lost Platoon
FF:RP = Firefight Mission: Rally Point
FF:SZ = Firefight Mission: Security Zone
FF:AS = Firefight Mission: Alpha Site
FF:WW = Firefight Mission: Windward
FF:CT = Firefight Mission: Chasm Ten
FF:LE = Firefight Mission: Last Exit
FF:CN = Firefight Mission: Crater (Night)
FF:RN = Firefight Mission: Rally (Night)

FGR:  "Fuel Gun Rod", a nickname for the Fuel Rod Cannon weapon in the Halo series of games.  From a post by ColdGlider:
the term "FGR" was coined indirectly by Nox who called out "he's got the Fuel Gun Rod... whatever" during a Firefight match weeks ago.  The team quickly jumped on this and began intentionally mispronouncing it.  The abbreviated version quickly followed.  It's becoming a phenomenon.

Gherjsz:  A failed attempt to decrypt encrypted data that results in gibberish.  The source was a 2009.12.04 post in the Secret Glyph Project wherein Dunder Moose and ColdGlider attempted to decode the ODST J-Banners. The first line of their decrypted message read "gherjsz" in literary braille.  [link]

Gothied:  To have one's theory or hypothesis disproved, as in "We used to think there was a sword spree in ODST but that was totally Gothied by the Sticky Spree find."  The origin is SGP member Gothi's refutation of ColdGlider's "Glyph Unlock" demonstration.  In that case, Gothi was correct and the hypothesis was updated to become "Bump Glitching".  One who has been Gothied should strive for the truth, no matter where it may lie.  [link]

GP:  Abbreviation for The Grunts' Pajamas.  Since "GP" is a military abbreviation for "General Purpose" and pronounced "jeep" (also the origin of the American vehicle brand), "GP" in an SGP context can be pronounced the same way (instead of "gee pee").[link]

The Grunts' Pajamas (also "Gruntz Pajamaz"):  A forum board at the SGP where members can "decompress" by being silly and/or generally unscientific.  The name was coined by SGP Admin ColdGlider to conjure up the image of the SGP research "grunts" lounging around in their pajamas rather than working in their lab jackets.  The term can also be used in a similar fashion to the expression "the bee's knees" as in "That weapon is the Gruntz Pajamaz, man."  Abbreviated as "GP"; thus, the following is possible:  "SGP=GP"

HAQ:  Acronym for Hypothetically Asked Questions.  Pronounced "hack".  A term coined by ColdGlider 2009.12.08 in this post to refer to a list of questions that no one asked for answers to.  It's like a FAQ, but completely unsolicited!  In other words, you might never ask any of the questions because the HAQ author might be the only one interested in the answers!  [link]

J-Banner/J-Sign:  Halo 3: ODST  Banners found on Mombasa Streets walls which bear the logo of the Jotun company and contain four rows of dots.  (See Gallery Image)  [link]

J-Code: Halo 3: ODST  The four rows of dots found on J-Banners.  It has been speculated that these are a coded message, although no decoding process has revealed a secret to date.  [link]

KIC: Acronym for "Keep It Clean", one of the Superintendent's trademark expressions (from Halo 3: ODST).  This expression quickly became co-opted by ODST fans across the internet and the SGP was no exception.  Here, the expression is a reminder to post maturely (the antithesis of your common post).  "Keep it Clean" is how we KIC it.  [link]

Magic Wall:  Halo 3: ODST  Term coined by ColdGlider in his SubLife Article to refer to the location of the Super TriGlyph in D04.  It's abbreviation is "MW".  The use of the word "magic" is due to its mysterious behavior:  its contents vary from visit to visit.  The wall may be blank, contain the Super TriGlyph, the Super DiGlyph, or the Super MonoGlyph.  There is a similar wall in D05 (in Tayari Plaza) which either shows up blank or with a D05 Banner.  To disambiguate, use the terms "D04 MW" or "D05 MW".  [link]

MW:  Halo 3: ODST  Abbreviation for Magic Wall.  [link]

Plinth:  Halo 3: ODST  One of five movable in-game plinth objects of which there are two unique forms.  These have been the focus of much attention as they resemble Forerunner architecture.  (See Gallery.)  The plinths were discovered by SGP Members EnigmaBiz2, lordofthebeets, Apollo Doom, and SpecOps.  An SGP Guide to the plinths is here.  An older map of their locations, made by Apollo Doom, is here.  [link]

POGG:  Halo 3: ODST  Acronym for Prima Official Game Guide.  In other words, this is the published "strategy guide" written by David S. J. Hodgson.  It is currently available for sale at

Povoided:  See POVOIDO.

POVOIDO:  Acronym for "Pics Or Video Or It Didn't Occur".  This expression is similar to "Pics or it didn't happen!" but also allows for in-game video to substitute for proof of an individual's claim.  If the user complies and does indeed make pics and/or a video available, they are said to have "Cleared POVOIDO".  The failure of a claim to be proven due to lack of pics or video is indicated by the companion expression "povoided".  See also VOIDO which specifically requests a video.  The term was coined by ColdGlider in this post.  [link]

"Purple":  Nickname for the "Ghost" vehicle from the Halo series of games.  This originated during a Thanksgiving 2009 SGP marathon gaming session on FF:LE in order to help EnigmaBiz2 get his last missing ODST achievement.  In the final achievement-earning game he was a bit punch-drunk while using the Ghost to bring victory to the team.  He dubbed his trusty steed "Purple" and taunted his enemies with a plethora of vulgar expressions.  Due to its origin in vulgarity, references to "Purple" are often not polite.  Your humble admin reminds you to please Keep it Clean in the non-GP boards.  [link]

SGP:  Originally, The Secret Glyph Project.  The group of people who banded together to work on that project became "Team SGP".  The current meaning of the "SGP" is now unknown.  Proposed meanings have ranged from the nerdy ("Scientific Glyph Project") to the ridiculous ("Silly Grunt Pajamas"), the slightly exaggerated ("Super Gaming People") and the downright bizarre ("Sphinx Grand Pharaohs").  [link]

Squidhenge:  Halo 3: ODST  A structure built of six stone slabs and inhabited by two rogue Engineers within a sequestered "Engineer Courtyard" in District 06.  (See Gallery.)  Due to the mysterious presence of the Engineers as well as the mysterious appearance of the structure itself, Squidhenge has been the target of many Easter Egg unlocking attempts.  One slab contains the only in-game appearance of the Sad Super Monoglyph.  A map of District 06 which plots the location of Squidhenge can be found here.  [link]

TGSD:  Halo 3: ODST  Abbreviation for Tall Gray Security Door.  [link]

Tall Gray Security Door:  Halo 3: ODST  These are the less common doors in districts which are often recessed and in the dark.  Abbreviated "TGSD".  An example is D06-003 which leads into Squidhenge.  [link]

VOIDO:  Acronym for "Video Or It Didn't Occur".  This expression is similar to "Pics or it didn't happen!" but specifically emphasizes that an in-game video should be furnished by an individual to prove their claim.  If the user complies and does indeed make a video available, they are said to have "Cleared VOIDO".  The failure of a claim to be proven due to lack of pics or video is indicated by the companion expression "povoided".  (See "POVOIDO".)  The term was coined by ColdGlider in this post.  [link]
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